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Here are a few resources that explain fanfiction in more depth and offer resources to helps writers improve their skills. If I'm missing a resource that you think belongs here, please tell me.

Beta Readers
A beta reader is the fanfic equivalent of an editor. Every writer, no matter how experienced, should have one.

General Writing Guides & Tools Guides to Writing Spike Mary Sue Quality fic/Intelligent discussion of fic Where to Post Your Work Fanfic Communities
Share and discuss your work with others A bit of advice for writing Spike fic
These are in response to some of the more common Spike fic errors
  • Don't write Spike's accent. Instead, try to capture the rhythm of his speech, and choose words that he would use. Unless you're writing a parody, never have Spike use the word "cor."
  • If you're writing a love scene, don't even think about using the phrase "cold seed."
  • Avoid writing a Mary Sue at all costs.
  • Keep in mind that Spike--even souled Spike--is a multidimensional and complex character. His behavior isn't always perfect; try not to write him as if he's a long-suffering saint.
  • Check your spelling and grammar. Have your fic beta read.
  • Keep the characters in character. Don't villainize the characters that you don't like, or that don't like Spike. Keep in mind that these characters have good qualities, too.
  • Buffy's name is Buffy, not Elizabeth.
  • Spike went to Africa to get a soul, not to get the chip out.
  • Call the characters by their names or use pronouns. Avoid phrases like "the peroxided vampire" or "the blond slayer."
  • Don't have the characters quote exact lines of dialogue from the show, unless those lines are extremely memorable. We viewers remember the lines because they're in episodes we watch repeatedly, but in real life, people rarely recall exact statements that were said years ago.
  • "Songfic," fiction interwoven with the lyrics to a song, is almost always distracting and irritating, particularly for anyone who doesn't know the song that you're quoting. You may want to include a few lines at the beginning or end of the story, but it's almost never a good idea to weave the lyrics throughout.

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