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This section contains stories sorted by the episode(s) in which or after which they occur. When it's unclear when exactly a story is set, it will be placed in a more general category based on season.

The term "Pre-Series" designates stories that take place prior to the first episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

The term "Alternate Universe" is used here to indicate stories which intentionally do not fit into series canon. (Stories that originally branch directly from canon, but are later "Jossed" by the series, are not included.) On this site, "Alternate Universe" usually means that the story branches off from an episode but also assumes that significant events occured after the episode but prior to the start of the story.

Stories set before Conviction (Angel: the Series season five, episode one) will be sorted according to BtVS chronology. Stories set during or after Conviction will be listed according to AtS chronology.

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