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Reaching for Memories
By Darcy K.

Rating, etc: PG, Spike, 100-word drabble
Summary: Spike stumbles across something jarring. Set during or after "Just Rewards."
Note: I've decided that, at this early stage in photography, vampires wouldn't have shown up on film because of the similarity of the process to reflecting (and also, some cameras even actually had mirrors in them). These days, they obviously show up.

The air catches rich leather, dryness of dust; reality, or memory sparked by the albums? He stands there, staring, hands wrapped around his sides. He'd been so excited, trying his newly "acquired" camera, all black cloth and flash powder. (Acrid smoke almost tingles his nose.) Then, disappointment, when the dripping paper failed to manifest his dancing princess. But he saved the prints anyway, unlife's empty backdrops. And now, here they are. Tosser would keep them, he thinks. But he can't look at them, only remember them; like smells, sounds. His arms remain firmly folded, covetous fingers twitching against insubstantial flesh.