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By Cindy

Here is my weekly open_on_sunday drabble. The theme this week is "eating or food." This one is Spike and Dawn, set just after "The Gift."

Itís the last thing he wants to do. Human food is just an amusement anyway; the thought of it now makes his stomach churn. Even primo A/B from a freshly opened vein holds little appeal at the moment.

Buffy is dead.

The smell of peanut butter, tuna fish and burnt margarine wafts through the house, and he curses his olfactory senses, better than a St. Bernardís. She presents a platter to him with as much flair as she can muster, complete with a sad and wilted sprig of parsley.

ďThanks Nibblet. Iím famished.Ē

He eats. She smiles. Itís worth it.