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By Abbie Strehlow

SPOILER WARNING: Set season 5 AtS, post "You're Welcome"
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DISCLAIMER: Not mine. All theirs. Expanding canon. Not diminishing. No harm or malice intended.
SUMMARY: Spike's dreams manifest his fears of his future. Done for the element challenge--Chinese element of earth, with associated items of spleen as organ, yellow as color, and center as direction.

Spike used to dream of being buried under mountains of earth, cold, damp, but at peace. Now, destiny denied, mantle of champion unsettled, his soul yearns for more. . .


Drinks with Charlie always a laugh. Best cars evil money can buy. Distractions, for sure.

He had been doing good.

Makes his own fun. Finds strippers, whores, the occasional demon brawl.

Searches for meaning in sprayed blood.

Instead of sleeping in the earth, now he dreams he's sucked into its yellow lava core, burned to ashes in the center of unvented spleen.

Tossed to the side, unimportant, once again.