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Unaired B/A Meeting
By Colleen

(Angel enters the cafe door, and lets the hostess lead him to the table wear Buffy is already sitting.)

ANGEL: Wow, Buffy you look great.

BUFFY: (Standing and giving Angel a big hug) So do you.

ANGEL: (both sitting at the table) You look really - alive.

BUFFY: You look, I don't know, content, peaceful.

ANGEL: Yeah, I feel pretty together now. I've been through a few things...

BUFFY: Me too...

ANGEL: Want to order?

BUFFY: Let's just talk for a few minutes first. We have so much to catch up on.

ANGEL: Cordy wouldn't do that. She likes to order first and talk later.

BUFFY: Cordy?

ANGEL: Never mind. You look great, really. How are you feeling?

BUFFY: You sound like Spike. He's always hanging around to see if I feel okay.

ANGEL: Spike?

BUFFY: I'm getting better. It's taking some adjustment. I've been getting a few headaches.

ANGEL: Cordy gets those. Bad ones.

BUFFY: Spike too. But I think that's a good thing.

ANGEL: Has he been giving you trouble?

BUFFY: No, I mean his headaches have made him think about things, channel his feelings. He's really changed for the better.

ANGEL: Yeah, right.

BUFFY: No, really. He helped the gang patrol when I was...gone. He's been looking after Dawn. I mean, he almost got himself killed protecting her. You wouldn't recognize him.

ANGEL: I don't know. He can be a loose cannon. Cordy says...

BUFFY: I've never been that interested in what Cordelia says.

ANGEL: She's changed. She's grown up. We depend on her, and not just because of her visions.

BUFFY: I just couldn't imagine that. Cordelia is the shallowest person I know.

ANGEL: I'd rather you didn't talk about her that way. And she says Spike can't be trusted.

BUFFY: What the hell does she know about Spike? She hasn't seen him for a long time. I trust Spike more than anyone else I know.

ANGEL: Sorry, you don't have to bite my head off.

BUFFY: Not like you've never tried that. (awkward silence)

ANGEL: Well, I would never trust Spike.

BUFFY: And I would never ask Cordelia for advice.

ANGEL: Are you ready to order yet?

BUFFY: You know, I'm not very hungry.

ANGEL: I have a lot of responsibilities at the agency. I took off pretty quickly. I think maybe I should call and check if they need me.

BUFFY: I kind of ran out at a crucial time. I think maybe I should go back and make sure everyone's okay.

ANGEL: (Standing) Well, it's been great seeing you. (Pecks her on the cheek)

BUFFY: You too. Call me.

ANGEL: Sure. Take care. See ya.

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