All About Spike

The Bloody Awful Poet Society
The Bloody Awful Poet Society champions Spike's redemption. Visit the essays and episode analysis pages on their site.

The Bloody Awful Poet Society Yahoo Group
With over 1,900 members, BAPS is the largest Spike redemptionist group on the internet.

Tabula Rasa
A Spike redemptionist site, with excellent essays, episode analyses, thoughts, and FAQ pages. TR believes that Spike will be redeemed through his interactions with other characters and specifically, through his interactions with Buffy as she progresses on her hero's journey.

Tabula Rasa Yahoo Group
A home for thought-provoking discussion about Spike's redemption and his relationships with the other BtVS characters

All Things Philosophical on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel: the Series
Want to debate ethical dilemmas of the BtVS and Angel: the Series characters? This is your complete compendium to all things mystical, good, and evil in the Buffyverse

Anti-Buffy Domestic Abuse Site
A parody, but makes a good point about double standards.

The Bronze VIP Posting Board Archives
These pages collect the posts of VIP users of the official BtVS posting boards. Some very interesting (and occasionally infuriating) comments by BtVS writers can be found here

The Buffy Cross & Stake
An informative BtVS site. Spoilers are posted on the spoiler board.

Buffy Guide
The complete Buffy episode guide.

Buffy Online
Very comprehensive site.

A complete guide to Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel: the Series episodes.

Don't Tread On Spike
A site devoted to supporting Spike's redemptive journey by sending postcards to Mutant Enemy, FOX, and the WB. Here you'll find mailing addresses, fax numbers, email addresses, postcard designs, and more.

EyeCandy Vid Works
Videos by Luminosity & Kamil.

Head Tilt Headquarters
The purpose of this site is to host Buffy videos and analyze the head tilts of Spike.
A large forum for discussion of James Marsters, the actor who plays Spike.

Needful Things
pt-p's site of amazing Buffy & Spike designs Buffy News
This site keeps an extremely thorough and up-to-date list of news items related to BtVS

Slayage: The International Online Journal of Buffy Studies
Academic journal of BtVS studies.

The Spoiler Slayer
This site keeps track of all the BtVS spoilage available, and also ranks it based on probability.

Wendy's Spoiler Zone
Wendy supplies her own spoilers and also keeps track of other spoilers.

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