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All About Spike main page
Fanfiction that explores Spike's character from a redemptionist perspective. High quality archive; all pairings and ratings allowed.

Fanfiction by Jessica Walker. (Not redemptionist.)

A safe haven for all authors of Adult Fan Fiction. All tv shows, movies, books, etc are accepted. Fiction must be Darkfic, Hard R or NC-17. All pairings/lifestyles welcome..
Home of wisteria's lovely BtVS stories. Also features excellent screencaps, including many high quality widesceen caps of season 5.

Almighty Gah
Fanfiction by Kita.

Amy's Fanfiction
Fanfiction by Amy, with a wide variety of pairings.

Amare Dare Pardonare
Chris' site featuring her excellent fanfiction. All includes fic from Kimi and Mint Witch.

Anna S: Buffy Season Noir
Anna S's incredibly cool version of an AU Buffy season 8.
Fanfiction by Annie Sewell-Jennings.

Astraea's World
Fanfiction by Astraea.

BA Gutter
Spike fanfiction and discussion list, rated R and higher.

Barb's BtVS fanfic
Barb's fanfiction, opinions, and artwork.

Beautiful Breathless
Buffy & Spike fan-fiction written by HW.

Better Buffy Fiction Archive
Archive of quality BtVS stories, recommended by members.

Fanfiction by Jackson, mostly Spike/Xander.

Blood and Weetabix
Indri's BtVS fanfiction archive.

Bloody Awful Poet Society Fanfiction Page
Redemptionist fanfiction written by BAPS members.

Bloody Awful Sandlot
Archive of fanfiction by members of Spike's Troika (BTVS-TabulaRasa, BA_Gutter, & SpikesSalvation).
Check out the Buffy fanfic favorites page.

The BtVS Writers' Guild
An excellent fanfiction resource. Their mission is to build community among fanfiction writers and readers, and to promote quality fiction in a variety of ways.

Fanfiction by MustangSally and RivkaT.

Bugger This
Fanfiction by FayJay, Herself, and Kalima.

Buffy and Angel's Library
Fiction by HonorH.

Buffy Fiction Archive
An automated archive of complete Buffy fiction.

Buffy/Spike Fanfiction
1stRabid/Rabid/Raeann's Fanfiction Page.

Buffy and Spike: Sex and Violence
Fanfiction by Annie Sewell-Jennings.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Fanfic
Fanfiction by Miranda Flynn, Sally Bradstreet, and Annie.

Calla's Fan Fiction
Fanfiction by Calla.

Carnal Sins
An excellent Buffy/Spike website. Fiction by Isabelle and others.

Chez Gwyn: La Maison Fanfic
Fanfiction by Gwyneth Rhys.

A series of Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan fictions, which should not be read by those offended by violence, sexual content, or the Buffy/Spike relationship.

Christy's Spike Fic Page
Site features fanfiction by Christy and some of her friends.

Colleen's Fiction
Colleen is a talented and prolific writer.

The Crypt
BtVS archive, Spike oriented, many good stories and authors.

The Crypt Door
Recommendations, ratings, comments and links to Spike/Buffy stories are posted here by the group owner/moderator. This is a great place to discover new fic.

The Crypt Door Sanctuary
The Crypt Door: Sanctuary was created to provide a safe haven for endangered Buffy/Spike fan fiction.

Dancing Lessons
Features the Buffy/Spike redemptionista epic Dancing Lessons and also archives other excellent Spike redemptionist stories.

Dark Dreams
Buffy/Spike fanfiction by Ariane.

Dead and Kicking
Fan Fiction by Estepheia.

Fiction by Kristen Smirnov.

Devil Piglet's Domain
Fiction by Devil Piglet and other authors.

Eternal Balance
Fiction by Tracy (Jericho TGF) and other authors. Also includes fan art and wallpaper.

Fiction by Jay-Dee.

Fanfiction by Coquette
Coquette's trilogy-in-progress. It concerns the Fanged Four, aka the Original Bad Family, aka Angelus, Darla, Drusilla, and William. Plus substantial fifth business.

Fanfiction by Dead Soul
Fiction by Dead Soul, including "Sunday Girl" and its sequel "Gamble When You Get A Face."

Fanfiction by KJ Draft
Spike/Buffy fiction by KJ Draft.

Fanfiction Library
A colletion of fanfiction links.

Fanfiction by Moose
Spike-centric fanfiction by Moose.

The Fan Fiction of Terri Botta
Fiction based on the characters and situations presented in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, dueSouth, From Eroica With Love, Highlander: The Series, and The Sentinel.

Fanfiction and Videos by Ariana
Some great stories and videos by Ariana.

Selected Spike/Buffy fanfiction collection.

HLynn's Creative Warehouse
BtVS, Star Wars, and X-Files fanfic by HLynn.

Idea no. 8
Fanfiction by Jessie.

An excellent resource for Spike/Buffy fanfic.

irfikos' dank little corner of the internet
Fanfiction by irfikos.
Fiction by jodyorjen.

Kayla's Slash Fanfic
Some very entertaining Spike/Xander slash by Kayla.

Klytaimnestra's Buffyverse
Essays, episode reviews, and fanfiction by Klytaimnestra.

Leafy Goodness
Fanfiction by Sun.

Let it Burn
Fanfiction by hold_that_thought.

A Little Sign That She Cared
Fanfiction archive with some excellent stories.

London Calling
Fanfiction that concentrates on the Englishmen of the Buffyverse, by Pied Margaret, Lesley, and Lori.

Love That Dares
Jenny's Spike slash fiction site.

Missives from the Hellmouth
Caro's Spike/Buffy fanfiction.

Moving On
The Spike/Anya Zone of the BTVS Writer's Guild..

Mr. Monkeybottoms' Diary
Fanfic and images by Mr. Monkeybottoms. Also includes some archived fic by other authors, and Mr. Monkeybottoms' blog.

A huge high quality S/B archive.

Naughty Bits
Fanfiction by Nauti Bitz.

New Beginnings
Fiction and art by Chenanceou and others.

Nothing Like the Sun
Kimberly's Spike and Buffy fan site.

Once is Not Enough
Fanfiction by Ginmar.

Once More, with Sarcasm
An archive of Buffy fanfiction that either parodies bad fanfiction or parodies the show itself.

Peasant’s Plot
Fanfiction by Peasant. It concentrates mainly on Spike and his relationship with Angelus, Darla, and Dru, and is mostly set in the nineteenth century.

pink snarkitude : negative space
The multi-fandom personal fanfiction of Kawcrow.

Slash website. Contains quite a bit of X/S slash. Interesting opinions and recs.

Precious Illusion
Spike-Centered FanFiction Awards & Archive

Ravens in the Foregate
Evenstar's Buffy & Spike fanfiction and artwork.

Fanfiction by Minim Calibre.

Sanguine's Buffy the Vampire Slayer Page
Insightful BtVS reviews by Sanguine. Also includes an archive of her Spike-focused fic.

Fic and opinions by VicNoir and others.

Slashing the Angel
Quality Angel slash; see the Spike/Angel section.

Small Bites
Fanfiction and recommendations by Shadowlass.

Spike Fiction
Fanfiction by LA Ward.

Fiction by Elsa Frohman.

Spike fanfiction list, rated PG-13 and lower.

Stories by Juliatheyounger
Fanfic by Juliatheyounger (S/B, S/T, S/X, S/D). Also includes Juliatheyounger's blog and fic recs.

Subtle Salvation
Fanfiction by LadyCat, mostly slash focusing on Spike.

Fanfiction by Te.

Treacle's Buffy Fanfic
Treacle writes Spike/Buffy fic and canon-pairing fic.

Troll Princess' Fanfic Stash
Fanfiction by Troll Princess.

We Band of Buggered
Fiction by Valerie and other authors. Also includes music videos.

Wednesday's Child
Fiction by Taramisu and other authors. Plus cool stuff like desktop themes, GenCon pictures, and more.

Words Left Unsaid
Circe's fanfiction.

wiseacress's BTVS farrago
Fanfiction and thoughts by wiseacress.
Fanfic and recommendations by nepthys.

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