All About Spike

The Rhyme
By Willa

Drusilla's been playing with a scrying bowl for nigh on an hour. Stirring it with a fingertip, sweetly giggling. Intriguing Spike enough to amble over and investigate.

"See what I see," she invites. So he does.

A middle-aged bloke in glasses and a wealth of scrolls. "Something old," Drusilla murmurs.

Stir. A pert blonde with apple cheeks. "Something new."

Stir. A mussed-up lad on a skateboard. "Some-heart borrowed."

Stir. A mouse of a redheaded girl. Afraid of her shadow. "And something blue!" Dru laughs and laughs.

Spike laughs too, though he doesn't get it.

In another few years, he will.

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