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Rating: G
Summary: Drabble. Spike POV. One of those little things that just sneaks up on you when you aren't looking. I want it to be a counterpoint to Because... and as such be S6 Spike to Buffy. But it could be S3 Spike to Dru. Or 1895 Spike to Angel (in a slashy past). Or it could be other people entirely. Someone suggested Spike to Dawn. Keeping it open was half the fun of writing it.

I bend for you.
I bruise for you.
I beg for you.
I bleed for you.
I break for you.
I do anything and everything for you.
I want to protect you from the world.
I want to protect you from yourself.
I want to wrap you up in cotton wool.
You are fragile, in your own way delicate as glass,
And yet as hard and unyielding.
I am also glass, but molten malleable.
I shape myself to please you.
You accept this as your right.
And you keep pushing me farther and asking for more until
I simply

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