All About Spike

By Estepheia

PAIRING: Spike/Xander

"Oh god!"

Sheets rustled. "Huh?" Spike squinted. His lover was staring at him, horrified. "What the fuck? Xander? That you?"

"You mean-?" Xander hurried through his let's-check-for-damage routine, counting appendages, patting his ribs. He froze when his hands encountered something round and perky. "Boobs! I've got boobs!"

Spike peered under the covers and smirked. "Got a pussy too."

"That makes two of us!"

"What? Fuck! I'll kill that witch!"

"Oh god!" Xander babbled, caught in an incredulity-loop.

Spike's pounce sent him/her tumbling. "Was gonna blow you for breakfast, but pussy's just fine. Can always kill Willow after. Happy birthday, Xander."

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