All About Spike

We’ll Always Have Sunnydale
By Colleen

The rotor on the helicopter whooped loudly on the helipad. “Come with me, Buffy,” Riley said. “Now that Sam’s gone, I need you in the good fight. The rain forest is full of demons. You know how much I love you.”

“Wait,” Buffy exclaimed, “I can’t just leave.” She ran to the edge of the helipad, where her waiting ex-lover stood. “Spike,” she said, “he wants me to go with him. I can’t leave. I can’t leave Sunnydale. I can’t leave Dawn. I can’t leave…you.”

“I’ll stay with Dawn,” Spike replied, tears in his eyes. “But you have to follow your heart. He needs you now. He’s the one you can love. If you stay here with me you’ll regret it, come to hate me. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon, and for the rest of your life.” He pulled Buffy into a passionate kiss, then pushed her away. “Go, get on that helicopter.”

Buffy turned and ran towards the copter, and Riley, with all the determination of her run off the tower. She jumped into the passenger seat as the black aircraft rose into the sky.

Spike felt a hand clamp on his shoulder. He turned to see a familiar face, and said, “Well, Xander, this looks like the start of a beautiful…Wait a mo-” Both heads turned upwards, to see a line descend, as a body climbed from the sky. Buffy dropped to the ground and ran into Spike’s arms.

“My God, I’d forgotten how boring he was,” she cried. “And there are plenty enough demons to fight here on the Hellmouth. Pull another noble trick like that, Spike, and I’ll forget my promise and start punching you again.”

Spike grinned widely. “But I thought that he’s the one you can love.”

“True,” sighed Buffy. “But you’re the one I do.”

Xander walked away, lonely and dejected. “Maybe I can find one of my construction buddies to play pool with at the Bronze.”

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