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Stonecold Unrequited
By Colleen

Ive watched him for so long, ever since he came. Hes so vibrant, so beautiful. I longed to touch him, longed for him to notice me, but he doesnt care. Just shoves me aside when I get in the way.

He likes blondes. Im not a blonde. He brings them here, flaunts them in front of me. Doing the things well never do. I hate them; weak little curvy things. Soft. Pretty. Insipid.

Two hes had now. Right in my face. He has no idea how much that hurts. And the new one; taking her against the wall. Lucky wall, with him pressed against it.

But tonight. All my dreams fulfilled, tonight.

Unexpectedly, unbelievably, his hands are on me. Caressing me. Holding me in ways Id only fantasized about. Stroking me. Making me feel ways I never thought I could. His soft, beautiful hands. And his body, so close. I want him so much.

But once again, he pushes me aside. Only wants her.

What can I expect? Im only a door.

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