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Once Tomorrow
By Colleen

Once he embraced the darkness, drawing it to him like a lover.

Once he could stalk a prey for weeks, feeding on her terror as keenly as her blood.

Once he had made love to Dru in the back seat of a car, while the drained owner slumped over the steering wheel.

Once he had ripped apart a former rival bit by bit with a railroad spike, ramming it through his head before the last of his life force ebbed.

Once he had tortured his own grandsire almost to the brink of death.

Once he had betrayed the only people who had ever cared for him.

Once he had been the Big Bad.

Now, he delighted in the sunlight reflected in his lover’s eyes.

Now, the thought of human blood nauseated him.

Now, he enjoyed the feel of the wind in his hair as he picked the Niblet up after school on his motorcycle.

Now, an enjoyable evening consisted of watching an all night horror movie marathon with his girlfriend’s little sister.

Now, he sent Christmas presents to his grandsire’s son.

Now, he fought the good fight, killing demons, vampires and all denizens of evil.

Now, he was proud to wear the name Scoobie.

Well, he thought to himself, at least I got that bloody chip out.

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