All About Spike

Dear Spike
By Colleen

Very short. My poor Spike.

Dear Spike,

Iím forwarding this through Willie. Iím assuming he can get in touch
with you. Some things I need to say. Want to say.

I heard through the grapevine about the soul. Donít know how it
happened, but I do know how it hurts. Believe me, I know. Guess itís
just you and me. I may not be so unique anymore, but then I donít feel
so alone, either. Use it well. If you can.

Hard to think of you that way. Known you too long.

Man, this is hard. I canít tell anyone here. But it cuts like a knife.

I found out something. Found out my own spawn has been screwing the
woman I love. Part of me wants to be forgiving, understand there were
extenuating circumstances. Let it go.

The bigger part of me wants to rip his head off with my bare hands.

Hell, this isnít working. Iím going to come and talk to you about it in

Notice any signs of the apocalypse lately?



Spike read the letter with trembling hands. Werenít things bad enough?

ďBloody buggering hell. Angelus is coming to kill me.Ē

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