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Bless My Soul
By Colleen

The officiator stood at the front of the gathering, continuing the ceremony. “If anyone knows just cause why these two cannot be lawfully joined, speak now, or...”

“I have a reason,” Xander shouted, standing up from his seat in the bride’s section.

Buffy rolled her eyes, a vision in white lace and frustration. “What now?”

Clem looked at Spike, Spike looked at his best man, and they both shrugged. “I’ve got no bloody idea what he’s on about,” the vampire said.

Anya, standing at Buffy’s side, turned around. “Shut up, Xander.”

Dawn put her hands on her hips and tapped her foot.

“We have to hear him out.” The officiator called out, “What cause do you have, my son?”

“Spike lied. I have proof that he doesn’t have a soul.” He turned to the man seated next to him. “Tell them.”

The man removed his hat. “It’s true. That vampire does not have a soul.”

Spike stared at the interloper. “Hey, that’s the bloke from Africa.” He pointed at him. “You’re the one told me I had a soul. And I changed. I felt it.”

“No,” the man answered, “You do not have a soul. What you are is what you faced within yourself. You were tested and found worthy. I did not give you anything you did not already possess.”

“See,” Xander insisted. “You can’t marry him, Buffy. He doesn’t have a chip, and he doesn’t have a soul. He could turn on you anytime.”

Buffy looked at her old friend with pity. “You don’t get it, do you?” She looked at Spike and took his hand. “I know him. I love him.” The groom smiled down at her. “If Spike doesn’t have a soul, he can share mine.” She looked up at the officiator. “Can we get on with this?”

“By the power given to me by the State of California and all the realms of the multiverse, I do now declare that you are husband and wife.”

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