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Body Shots
By NautiBitz

Summary: Faith, wearing Buffy's body, has just met Spike for the first time. This time it goes a little differently.

Timeline: Season 4, takes place during 'Who Are You?'--right at the end of Faith's (in Buffy's body) titillating monologue to Spike. The first lines of dialogue here are from the original script by Joss Whedon.

Pairing: Spike/Buffy and Spike/Faith, cause it's crazy like that.

Rating: NC-17

Nods: Much respect to the S/B fanfic queens from whom I may have inadvertently borrowed since I'm a huge fan. Here's something advertent: the "convenient" line is lifted from Laure Alexander's "Driven". (A great line from a great fic.)

Disclaimer: Buffy, Spike, and everyone else mentioned in this story were created by an evil mastermind and are owned by some huge conglomerate and one day I shall lure them all into my stable and spank, spank, spank them into submission. But until then, I own only that which is mine.

Distribution: Please ask first -

Feedback: Gives me a happy.

Series Started/Completed: July 2001

Awards Won: "Is It Hot In Here or Is It Just My Story?" Award from Tainted Love | "Hot Sex on a Platter" Award from Darkness Beckons

Chapter One: Why Not?

"I could have anything. Anyone. Even you, Spike."

Spike watched, hypnotized, as Buffy moved so close he could smell the blood pumping through her veins.

"I could ride you at a gallop til your legs buckled and your eyes rolled up," Faith breathed from Buffy's shiny mouth. "I've got muscles you've never even dreamed of. I could squeeze you til you popped like warm champagne and you'd beg me to hurt you just a little bit more--and you know why I don't?"

Her hot palms burned into his chest and every dead nerve ending in Spike's body hummed with desire. Why? he pleaded silently. Why not?

Her lashes swept down and up as she scanned him from head to toe. Smiling seductively, she settled on an answer.

"Damned if I know."

Suddenly, she was upon him, her soft tongue making contact with his.

Spike bristled, wondering if this was the product of another one of Red's spells. But then he gave in and took hold of her head roughly, all thoughts replaced by a repetitive exclamation: Buffy!

Now this is fun, Faith thought. Why B'd never taken advantage of this golden opportunity, she couldn't figure. But she would rectify that right now.

"Out..." she managed between fevered kisses, "back..."

He nodded and took her leather-clad legs in his arms as they stumbled past dancing bodies, through the back door and into the dark alley behind the Bronze. Spike spied a crate and deposited her on top of it, facing him. She tugged at his buckle and quickly opened his jeans.

Though amazed by Buffy's newfound brazenness, he wasn't about to look a gift horse in the mouth. "Whatever spell you're under or whatever you're on, pet, I love i--Ohh..."

Buffy's hot little mouth had enveloped his cock. Her tantalizingly glossy red lips slid up and down his shaft, while the golden skin of her hands that pumped below glazed over with spit and secretions.

It didn't take long before he was holding her head and roaring like a beast. "OH, HELL!"

The Slayer swallowed.

Faith wiped her mouth and started to peel off her shirt. "I hear vamps can keep it up forever."

Numbly, Spike nodded, Buffy naked being his predominant thought.

"That's mighty convenient," she said.


"You want this body?" she asked, squeezing Buffy's pink nipples.

"Yes," Spike said, breathless...albeit needlessly.

"Bet you never thought I'd let you touch me like this." She cupped her breasts and wrapped them around his length.

His engorged head bobbed up and touched Buffy's chin. He was speechless.

"You've always wanted to fuck me," she said, reading his lust-ridden features. "Haven't you?"

"From the very first day I saw you," he answered raggedly, his cock close to exploding again from being agitated between Buffy's baby-soft breasts.

"Should've just taken me," she said offhandedly.

"Oh God," he choked.

"Woah, Billy," she said, standing. "I think that's better spent somewhere else, don't you?"

"Slayer," was all he could muster.

She flung him back-first on the cold asphalt. "Like it rough?"

His eyes flashed in response as he watched her yank off her leather pants. No knickers.

"Me too," she said, straddling him. "Too bad you can't do anything about that."

Spike cursed the chip for the millionth time that day, this time really meaning it.

Faith smiled as she sunk down onto his rigid cock and guided his hands to her breasts.

"Oh bloody, hell, Slayer..." he squoze as hard as he could without the chip going off.

"Feel good?"

He could only sputter.

"What I tell you, baby?" she asked as she rose and fell, milking him with each muscle contraction.

Oh, bloody...hell... Through his blinding euphoria, Spike heard something from the back door of the Bronze.

"Love, somebody...coming..." he reluctantly pointed out, knowing that Buffy would care.

"The only one who's comin', Spike, is you," she whispered. "And me if you do your job right."

He smiled, and blissfully ignored the people who emerged, stopped, and walked away giggling.

"What kinda kinks do you like, huh, Spike?" she asked, slowly pulling his belt buckle out of his open jeans. "You bein' a vampire and all..."

"Don't need..."

"You don't need?" She snapped the belt up, and ripped his shirt open. "Oh I think you need."

She snapped the belt across his chest, leaving a nasty red mark on his alabaster skin.

Spike cried out, shocked that Buffy was capable of any such thing. Has to be a spell, he resolved once and for all. Good spell. She hit him again. "Christ," he barked.

"Ooh, the Lord's name in vain!" She laughed throatily. "You're baaaaad. Can't you do any better than that?"

Spike, having had enough of her taunting, quickly spun her around, her naked bottom hitting the cold ground. "Yeah, I can," he said, and thrust deep into her slick depths.

"That's more like it," she cooed, mussing his hair with her fingertips, the belt discarded. She wrapped her legs around him, digging her heels into his ass. "Unh, yeah..."

"Slayer," he gasped. ""

"Mmm," she said. "I am a cute little nugget, aren't I?"

"Yeah," he agreed with a chuckle, and buried his face in her neck.

"Always wanted to bite me, huh?"


"Want to now?" she asked breathlessly as she lifted her pelvis to meet his every push.

Bloodlust burned in the back of his throat. "Yeah."

"But you can't, huh?"

He shut his eyes tightly. "No."

"That blows." Faith thought she'd play another little game. "I've always wanted you to."

He opened his eyes. "What?"

She rolled him onto his back, and straddled him again. "I've always thought about it..." she said in her best Coy Little Buffy impression.

"You..." Wait, he thought. Is this part of the spell?

"I've always wanted you, Spike," she said with a whimper.

"Buffy..." he rasped.

She watched his face contort as she continued to ride him. Oh, I know what'll throw you over the edge, she thought wickedly. Descending, she bit into his neck.

Spike thought in rapturous bursts: Animal like me...Perfect...Everything...Buffy...

And as he came into her hot, welcoming core, his last thought escaped from his mouth. "I love you!"

Suddenly, Faith arched and ground into him, and Spike felt her shudder and tighten around his cock, signaling her climax. She gasped headily as she came down from the high, and smiled contentedly.

Spike reached up to caress her face. "Buffy, I love you."

Faith stiffened. She wrinkled Buffy's brow, cast Buffy's hand back, and slapped him. Hard. Dammit B, everybody loves *you.*

Spike held his cheek. "What?!"

"Fuck you," she said shakily, and jumped up and grabbed her clothes.

"Buffy," he called.

"Don't fucking call me that!" she shrieked, and took off.

Spike looked down at his now flaccid penis, shining with the juices of...Buffy. The Slayer. His mortal enemy. The girl he...loves? What? No...

He shook his head and sat up to fasten his jeans, trying to figure out what the hell had just happened.

Was that fear he heard in Buffy's voice? Sadness? Anger?


He'd said it.

Well of course she'd run off like that. What was he thinking?

"Aaaarrgh!" he roared, hopping up and kicking a trash can. "BLOODY SPELLS!"

Continued in Chapter Two: Under It

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