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February 2004
Something... Pink? by Lumenara Dhahm [Added 29 February 2004]
Spike/Xander schmoop.
Post-Chosen, Rated PG-13, Spike/Xander, 1318 words.
Not True Nowhere by WesleysGirl [Added 29 February 2004]
Alternate Universe, AtS Season Five, Rated NC-17, Spike/Wesley, Spike/Xander, 7353 words.
Risen From the Ashes by Lar [Added 27 February 2004]
Xander's having nightmares.
Mid-Season Four, Rated NC-17, Spike/Xander, 1841 words.
Flaw by thisveryinstant [Added 26 February 2004]
Buffy S2, post 'Passion.' Maybe this is why it took Spike so goddamn long to heal.
Post-Passion, Rated NC-17, Spike/Angel(us), Spike/Drusilla, 3563 words.
Lovely, Dark and Deep by hold_that_thought [Added 25 February 2004]
Cordelia helps a vampire who loved Buffy cope with her death. It's just not the vampire she'd planned on helping.
Post-The Gift, Rated PG-13, Spike & Cordelia, 4785 words.
All Over But The Shouting by Doyle [Added 25 February 2004]
It's all over. But they're still here.
Alternate Universe, AtS Season Five, Rated NC-17, Spike/Wesley, 1172 words.
Dreams by Abbie Strehlow [Added 24 February 2004]
Spike's dreams manifest his fears of his future. Done for the element challenge--Chinese element of earth, with associated items of spleen as organ, yellow as color, and center as direction.
Post-You're Welcome, Rated G, 100 words.
Brave Spike by Keswindhover [Added 24 February 2004]
Spike and Dawn are painting each other's fingernails. Things go horribly, horribly wrong.
Alternate Universe, Post-Grave, Rated R, Spike & Dawn, Spike/Buffy, 2593 words.
Bedtime Story by Colleen [Added 23 February 2004]
Alternate Universe, Rated R, Spike/Buffy, 409 words.
Clean Slate by Estepheia [Added 23 February 2004]
Season Seven, Rated R, Spike/Xander, 100 words.
Playing Possum by Zyrya [Added 19 February 2004]
During Wrecked, Rated R, Spike/Buffy, 440 words.
Satellite Burn by caia [Added 18 February 2004]
A souled demon tries to remember a good witch.
Alternate Universe, Post-Grave, Rated PG, 1775 words.
Of Incubi and Inversion by Minim Calibre [Added 18 February 2004]
Secret Slasha 2002.
Post-Conversations with Dead People, Rated NC-17, Spike/Xander, 1316 words.
Be Sober, Be Vigilant by LadyCat [Added 17 February 2004]
Spike will try anything to cheer Dawn up.
Sequel to Bonding, Post-The Gift, Rated G, Spike & Dawn, 3867 words.
Flowers and Chocolate by mahaliem [Added 17 February 2004]
Written for kindkit's Rescue Romance from Bad Fic challenge which required the use of at least three romantic elements.
Late Season Four, Rated PG, Spike/Xander, 3994 words.
Cats and Dogs by Estepheia [Added 17 February 2004]
One night at the cemetery - Evil's afoot, but Spike and Tara are a little tied up...
Alternate Universe, During Seeing Red, Rated PG-13, Spike/Tara, 5106 words.
This by Zyrya [Added 17 February 2004]
Rated R for sex and adult themes.
Post-Entropy, Rated R, Spike/Anya, 250 words.
Assumption by Gwyneth Rhys [Added 16 February 2004]
If you had been chosen by heaven, how could you live again on earth after being unchosen? A prose experiment in two voices, set in and after The Gift.
Post-The Gift, Spike/Buffy, 10870 words.
The End by Colleen [Added 14 February 2004]
Post-Why We Fight, Rated PG, Spike & Angel(us), 271 words.
Broken by Estepheia [Added 13 February 2004]
During Bargaining, Rated PG-13, Spike/Buffybot, 100 words.
If Thine by Colleen [Added 12 February 2004]
Post-Seeing Red, Rated PG-13, Spike/Buffy, 169 words.
Bad For You by The Spike [Added 12 February 2004]
Xander's been thinking about Spike's belt -- kind of a riff on Te's wondrous Post Grad series.
Alternate Universe, Season Three, Rated NC-17, Spike/Xander, 3658 words.
Getting Lost by Amy [Added 11 February 2004]
What happened with Buffy in those last few minutes of Tabula Rasa.
During Tabula Rasa, Rated PG, Spike/Buffy, 1159 words.
Working the Angles by Mer [Added 11 February 2004]
Incorporeal Spike ponders the limits of his condition.
Post-Unleashed, Rated PG, Spike/Angel(us), 999 words.
The Rhyme by Willa [Added 11 February 2004]
Drabble-fic: a sliver out of time, pre-canon, wherein Dru winkles a grain of future truth for Spike out of a scrying bowl.
Pre-Series, Rated PG, Spike/Drusilla, 100 words.
Who's Afraid of Red, White, Green by LadyCat and Estepheia [Added 10 February 2004]
This was an Advent Calendar Series with one story being written per day. It's Christmas time at Wolfram and Hart, and the wacky mayhem of the season takes its usual Angel-style toll. Ensemble fic, with a few notable cross-over guest stars.
Post-Destiny, Rated PG-13, Spike & Angel(us), 35517 words.
Fit the Crime by caia [Added 10 February 2004]
An exploration of punishment and guilt.
Alternate Universe, Post-Grave, Rated R, 1078 words.
Blood Rites by Nan Dibble [Added 10 February 2004]
AU, continues from The Blood Is the Life. As Spike and Buffy try to hold onto their partnership and their love, recently unsouled Spike tries to secure his position as self-proclaimed Master Vampire of Sunnydale...against the wishes of The Powers That Be and the Slayer's ancient mandate. Magic, new arrivals, old friends (and enemies), dreams, visions, e-Bay, tribute blood, and cookies all play a part in the tense give and take between vampire priorities and human necessities.
Sequel to The Blood Is the Life, Alternate Universe, Post-Showtime, Rated R, Spike/Buffy, Spike & Dawn, 190250 words.
Waking Moments by Kelly [Added 09 February 2004]
Trust is found in the quiet moments between consciousness and sleep.
Post-The Killer in Me, Rated G, Spike/Buffy, 2608 words.
Expert Care by Te [Added 09 February 2004]
Xander deals with his new houseguest.
Post-Him, Rated PG-13, Spike/Xander, 2623 words.
Dear Spike by Colleen [Added 09 February 2004]
Very short. My poor Spike.
Mid-Season Seven, Rated PG-13, Spike & Angel(us), 193 words.
Natural Born Killers by Mala [Added 06 February 2004]
A look at the nature of killers.('PG', B/S-ish, 2nd person POV, angst)
Season Five, Rated PG, Spike/Buffy, 545 words.
The List by Colleen [Added 06 February 2004]
Cause Scoobies deserve to be eaten.
Post-Seeing Red, Rated PG-13, 518 words.
Shes Like a Rainbow by Girl With Journal [Added 06 February 2004]
AU Pangs. A newly-chipped Spike finds solace from an unexpected source.
Post-The Initiative, Rated NC-17, Spike/Tara, 3244 words.
William by Doyle [Added 06 February 2004]
Spike, Dawn, after The Gift.
Post-The Gift, Spike & Dawn, 100 words.
Hello, Handsome by caia [Added 04 February 2004]
Buffy's arrival at Wolfram & Hart. (Based on AtS 5.11 spoilers, AU.)
Alternate Universe, Post-Damage, Rated R, Spike/Buffy, 515 words.
Worst. Day. Ever by Estepheia [Added 03 February 2004]
Post-The Gift, Rated PG-13, Spike/Buffy, 100 words.
Gay Me Up by caia [Added 03 February 2004]
Spike takes Xander at his word.
During First Date, Rated PG-13, Spike/Xander, Spike/Buffy, Spike & Dawn, 2123 words.
Spoyce snippet by Miss Murchison [Added 03 February 2004]
Sequel to Present Tense, Alternate Universe, Early Season Five, Rated R, Spike/Joyce, 2461 words.
Diamond Dogs by glossolalia [Added 03 February 2004]
Post-Destiny, Rated NC-17, Spike/Oz, 3749 words.
Nothing To Say by WesleysGirl [Added 02 February 2004]
The world explodes in fire, and when Giles regains consciousness, everything he knew is gone.
Alternate Universe, Post-The Gift, Rated PG-13, Spike & Giles, 1100 words.
He's the Light in Her Fridge by dutchbuffy2305 [Added 02 February 2004]
Buffy dies instead of Spike in Chosen, and Faith and Spike join up.
Sequel to His voice is like a Mars-bar, Alternate Universe, Post-Chosen, Rated R, Spike/Faith, 29586 words.
All Our Yesterdays by Colleen [Added 01 February 2004]
Alternate Universe, Rated PG-13, Spike/Other, 435 words.
Kriegspiel by Mer [Added 01 February 2004]
Spike plays the game he learned from a master.
Pre-Series, Rated NC-17, Spike/Drusilla, Spike/Angel(us), 2201 words.

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