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January 2004
Screaming by Tania [Added 31 January 2004]
When the chip went off Buffy wasn't the only one that heard the screams.
During The Killer in Me, Rated PG, Spike & Anya, 1425 words.
That Final Gasp by Mala [Added 30 January 2004]
After 'IWMTLY', some things die...and Spike kisses and tells.('PG-13', B/S-ish, angst, character death)
Post-I Was Made to Love You, Rated PG-13, Spike/Buffy, 1272 words.
Shatter by kbk [Added 29 January 2004]
Drabble. Spike POV. One of those little things that just sneaks up on you when you aren't looking. I want it to be a counterpoint to 'Because...' and as such be S6 Spike to Buffy. But it could be S3 Spike to Dru. Or 1895 Spike to Angel (in a slashy past). Or it could be other people entirely. Someone suggested Spike to Dawn. Keeping it open was half the fun of writing it.
Pre-Series, Season Three, Season Six, Rated G, 100 words.
Hot Wires by Estepheia [Added 29 January 2004]
Late Season Six, Rated PG-13, Spike/Andrew, 100 words.
Because... by kbk [Added 29 January 2004]
Drabble. Buffy POV. It just happened, all right?
Mid-Season Six, Rated PG-13, Spike/Buffy, 100 words.
Lady Redemption by Willa [Added 29 January 2004]
The lost is found; Buffy discovers Spike late one night at Wolfram and Hart.
Post-Destiny, Rated NC-17, Spike/Buffy, 679 words.
Psych101 by Doyle [Added 29 January 2004]
Spike/Holden, pre-CWDP.
Early Season Seven, Spike/Holden, 100 words.
What We Keep by Girl With Journal [Added 27 January 2004]
Several months after Chosen, Buffy and Xander remember.
Post-Chosen, Rated G, Spike/Buffy, 1077 words.
Heat by Te [Added 27 January 2004]
The trouble with humans...
Mid-Season Four, Rated NC-17, Spike/Xander, 1000 words.
Moonlight by Amy [Added 26 January 2004]
Cemetery ponderings.
Post-The Gift, Rated PG-13, Spike & Oz, 898 words.
Last Rites by Minim Calibre [Added 26 January 2004]
Spike/Riley for the Slashficathon.
During Into the Woods, Rated NC-17, Spike/Riley, 1000 words.
Present Tense by Miss Murchison [Added 26 January 2004]
This is a sequel to 'A Glorious Morning I Have Seen,' in which Joyce gets more fun sex with Spike and an actual storyline of her own, without having to die or lose the guy at the end.
Sequel to A Glorious Morning Have I Seen, Alternate Universe, Early Season Five, Rated NC-17, Spike/Joyce, 32598 words.
Telly Time by astraea [Added 24 January 2004]
Pointless fluff. Spike, Buffy and Dawn watch TV.
Alternate Universe, Mid-Season Six, Rated PG, Spike/Buffy, Spike & Dawn, 814 words.
Too Late by Willa [Added 24 January 2004]
Alone after all the ashes have fallen, Xander thinks of Spike and regrets all that is forever lost.
Post-Chosen, Rated NC-17, Spike/Xander, 323 words.
In Lieu of Sheep by Mer [Added 23 January 2004]
Spike contemplates a sleeping Angel.
Alternate Universe, Rated PG, Spike/Angel(us), 631 words.
Two Lost Souls by hold_that_thought [Added 23 January 2004]
'He knows why she cries, and he knows why they stay together.'
Post-Just Rewards, Rated R, Spike/Lilah, 700 words.
Charades by Mer [Added 23 January 2004]
In Lieu of Sheep from Angel's POV.
Sequel to In Lieu of Sheep, Alternate Universe, Rated R, Spike/Angel(us), 842 words.
Come Into My Parlor by Mala [Added 22 January 2004]
'Come into my parlor,' said the spider to the fly.('PG-13', B/S-ish, angst)
Season Five, Rated PG-13, Spike/Buffy, 440 words.
Kiss The Librarian by Halrloprillalar [Added 22 January 2004]
Winter solstice.
Mid-Season Four, Rated PG-13, Spike/Giles, 335 words.
Emulating Atlas by Girl With Journal [Added 21 January 2004]
A promise is a promise. Spike finds out the hard way.
Post-The Gift, Rated G, 1275 words.
Something Old, Something New by Rubywisp [Added 21 January 2004]
Spike takes a left turn at Albuquerque on his way back from getting a soul.
Post-Grave, Rated R, Spike/Other, 2077 words.
A Walk in the Park by opalescence [Added 20 January 2004]
A drabble set during Spike's final moments in Chosen. Did he mean it when he said, 'No you don't, but thanks for saying it.'?
During Chosen, Rated G, Spike/Buffy, 100 words.
My Way by LadyCat [Added 20 January 2004]
A slightly different take on why Spike didn't leave.
During Harm's Way, Rated PG, 954 words.
The Bitterest Pill by spikedru [Added 20 January 2004]
For the bitterest pill is hard to swallow. The love I gave hangs in sad coloured, mocking shadows.
Alternate Universe, Rated PG, 662 words.
Crash With Me by hold_that_thought [Added 20 January 2004]
A Slayer and a vampire, footloose and morality-free, no training wheels required.
Alternate Universe, Post-Who Are You?, Rated NC-17, Spike/Faith, 1963 words.
Twist by Darling_Effect [Added 20 January 2004]
A quiet night at home with William and Drusilla.
Pre-Series, Rated NC-17, Spike/Drusilla, 1275 words.
Long December by Evette [Added 19 January 2004]
Spike/Angel post-'The Gift' AU. In which Spike drinks a lot and annoys Angel, then they have sex and stuff.
Post-The Gift, Rated NC-17, Spike/Angel(us), 1920 words.
We Band of Beloved by Willa [Added 19 January 2004]
In the summer following Buffy's second death, Spike leads Giles out of the valley of the shadow of grief.
Post-The Gift, Rated NC-17, Spike/Giles, 1580 words.
Read Him Like a Book by Colleen [Added 18 January 2004]
Post-Harm's Way, Rated PG, Spike & Lorne, 364 words.
In Good Company by hold_that_thought [Added 16 January 2004]
Lilah hates paperwork.
Post-Chosen, Rated PG-13, Spike/Lilah, 1742 words.
Passing Through by Mer [Added 16 January 2004]
Grief can take forms as strange as love.
Post-Chosen, Rated NC-17, Spike/Buffy, 525 words.
Trauma Memory: A Life In Eight Parts by amerella [Added 15 January 2004]
spike. a pretentiously-titled character study, pg-13, spoilers up to and including the series finale.
Pre-Series, Season Six, Season Seven, During Chosen, Rated PG-13, Spike/Drusilla, Spike/Buffy, 1267 words.
Heartfelt by Jane Davitt [Added 15 January 2004]
Set during 'Fool For Love'. As Spike sits with Buffy and remembers the past, his feelings are chaotic and conflicted.
During Fool for Love, Rated R, Spike/Buffy, 800 words.
A Day In The Life by Halrloprillalar [Added 14 January 2004]
Not exactly slash, but close enough for government work.
Mid-Season Four, Rated PG-13, Spike & Giles, 613 words.
Sisters of Mercy by soundingsea [Added 14 January 2004]
Dawn finds Spike after 'Dead Things', and their relationship changes. But Buffy's still in the picture...
Post-Dead Things, Rated R, Spike/Dawn, Spike/Buffy, 1304 words.
A Man of Substance by Brighid [Added 14 January 2004]
Early AtS Season Five, Spike/Angel(us), 725 words.
Fighting The Fight by kbk [Added 13 January 2004]
Decades in the future, Spike thinks about why he's doing what he's doing. I wrote this before the end of Season Six and before I knew what would happen to him, so he's just chipped.
Alternate Universe, Late Season Six, Rated PG, 537 words.
Revenge by KindKit [Added 13 January 2004]
It isn't as easy as it should be, hating Spike.
Mid-Season Four, Rated NC-17, Spike/Giles, 1267 words.
On Impermanence: Buffy by Dale Edmonds [Added 13 January 2004]
Season Five, Spike/Buffy, 840 words.
Behind Blue Eyes by Onondata [Added 12 January 2004]
In a world where Rupert Giles never reconciled with the Watcher's Council after his troubled youth, the Ripper comes to play a very different role in the heirarchy of the Hellmouth. Spike's relationship to the Ripper is quite different as well.
Alternate Universe, Rated NC-17, Spike/Giles, 5741 words.
Something True by astraea [Added 12 January 2004]
Post Something Blue, the Scoobies get around to that truth spell. As a result, itís time for both Spike and Buffy to Ďfess up.
Post-Something Blue, Rated NC-17, Spike/Buffy, 3437 words.
Compromises by Te [Added 12 January 2004]
Willow goes looking for a way out of her head.
Mid-Season Four, Rated NC-17, Spike/Willow, 2567 words.
*Reprise by Anna S [Added 09 January 2004]
Alternate Universe, Post-Grave, Spike/Riley, 6057 words.
Her Canvas Still Follow by Tissa [Added 07 January 2004]
Post-Chosen, Rated PG-13, Spike/Buffy, 1316 words.
Give My Regards by hold_that_thought [Added 07 January 2004]
Spike and Wesley keep the world safe for bad musical adaptations and Lilah tries to get Wesley a birthday present he'll really enjoy.
Sequel to Brand New Start, Post-Unleashed, Rated NC-17, Spike/Wesley, Spike/Lilah, 5545 words.
Storyteller: Where the Wild Things Are by Brighid [Added 07 January 2004]
Post-Storyteller, Spike & Andrew, Spike & Xander, 1006 words.
Clean Hands by Mer [Added 06 January 2004]
Spike has a surprising encounter with Wesley.
Late Season Six, Rated NC-17, Spike/Wesley, 3437 words.
Snowfall by Gwyneth Rhys [Added 06 January 2004]
The end of all things and the furious winter.
Alternate Universe, 1501 words.
Let Down by Eve McCarthy [evemac] [Added 05 January 2004]
What she wants is something she broke long ago.
Post-Chosen, Post-Destiny, Rated G, Spike/Buffy, 768 words.
Family by Elinora [Added 05 January 2004]
Post Chosen - What might have happened...
Alternate Universe, Post-Chosen, Rated R, 1231 words.
Brothers in Arms by Poshcat [Added 05 January 2004]
Guess who's come for a visit at Wolfram and Hart's on Christmas night?
Post-Chosen, Rated NC-17, Spike/Xander, 6304 words.
Heroes by wisteria [Added 05 January 2004]
snoopygirll wanted Spander, so here's my first attempt at some NC-17 slash. Post-'Destiny,' S/X, semi-graphic sex inside. Rather bleak, to say the least.
Alternate Universe, Post-Destiny, Rated NC-17, Spike/Xander, 1434 words.
Mother by Brighid [Added 05 January 2004]
Spike being introspective, especially with regards to his relationships with Buffy (he craves her), Dru (he adores and pities her), or his mama (what's up with that?!).
Season Five, Spike & Joyce, 334 words.
Silent Night by Colleen [Added 04 January 2004]
The challenge was Buffy/Spike and silence.
Post-The Gift, Rated PG, Spike/Buffy, 100 words.
When She Breathes by Amy [Added 03 January 2004]
Post-All the Way, Rated PG, Spike/Buffy, 1804 words.
Many Waters by Jane Davitt [Added 03 January 2004]
Just a little Spike/Angel fun, set right after 'Destiny'.
Post-Destiny, Rated R, Spike/Angel(us), 2281 words.
All the Tea in China by Gwyneth Rhys [Added 03 January 2004]
This is a Spike and Wes vignette (not slash), in which nothing really happens but a little understanding about choices, and some really good whiskey gets drunk.
Post-Destiny, Spike & Wesley, 1898 words.
Ewan McGregor is Not Just A River in Egypt by Doyle [Added 02 January 2004]
Spike gets naked. Xander isnít happy about it. S4.
Mid-Season Four, Rated PG, Spike/Xander, 934 words.
Just Another Saturday Night in Sunnydale by Poshcat [Added 02 January 2004]
Buffy and Spike go to a vampire convention. And it is not a date, dammit! Set in S6, just before Hell's Bells.
Post-As You Were, Rated R, Spike/Buffy, 22194 words.
Early Days by Indri [Added 02 January 2004]
William had to learn somehow.
Pre-Series, Rated NC-17, Spike/Drusilla, 279 words.

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