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November 2003
Six Foot Deep by Kita (Donna M.) [Added 25 November 2003]
Resurrection is a bitch.
Post-The Gift, Post-Wrecked, Rated R, Spike/Buffy, 15391 words.
Palette by Dana Woods [Added 24 November 2003]
"He and Tara could never again speak of Buffy or Willow, and he'd still come upstairs each morning to watch her watch the sunrise."
Alternate Universe, Late Season Seven, Early AtS Season Five, Rated PG, Spike/Tara, 5476 words.
Long Dark Night by Colleen [Added 24 November 2003]
Post-Entropy, Rated PG-13, Spike & Xander, 415 words.
Swing Low by Lesley [Added 24 November 2003]
Post-Destiny, Alternate Universe, Rated PG-13, 1154 words.
The Spirit of Thanksgiving by astraea [Added 24 November 2003]
At the end of Pangs, what if Xander's syphilis hadn't cleared up? What if a cunning plan had been called for? What if we could work Spike into the plot in some way? Snarky Spuffy Season Four Fluff.
Post-Pangs, Rated R, Spike/Buffy, 7185 words.
*Four Corners by Anna S [Added 23 November 2003]
Just four vignettes, on a theme of difference.
Alternate Universe, Spike/Xander, Spike/Anya, 2323 words.
Mrs Grieves & The Abandoned Husband by Herself [Added 20 November 2003]
"Don't come all snooty with me. I know you, I do." Spike gripped his wrist tighter. "You're tragic, you are. NoŚno, not even tragic. Not good enough to be tragic."
Sequel to Forsake Me Not, Post-Wrecked, Pre-Series, Rated NC-17, Spike/Buffy, 38464 words.
Caught by Colleen [Added 17 November 2003]
Getting Spike out of the basement - method #208.
Early Season Seven, Rated PG-13, Spike/Buffy, 1146 words.
Always by Estepheia [Added 17 November 2003]
Post-Chosen, Rated PG-13, Spike/Drusilla, 100 words.
Waiting on a Different Story by WesleysGirl [Added 17 November 2003]
Post-Just Rewards, Rated NC-17, Spike/Angel(us), 3237 words.
The Poor Side of Silence by amerella [Added 13 November 2003]
Spike gets a taste of the open road.
Sequel to Dig My Earth, AtS Season Five, Rated R, Spike/Angel(us), Spike/Drusilla, Spike/Other, 3428 words.
Fool`s Gold by Kita (Donna M.) [Added 11 November 2003]
Season Five, Rated R, Spike & Angel(us), 2112 words.
Delight Becomes Pictorial by glossolalia [Added 11 November 2003]
Yet another stunt, another round of discipline for Angelus and William.
Pre-Series, Rated NC-17, Spike/Angel(us), 2000 words.
Weird Love by Fit of Pique and Saussy [Added 11 November 2003]
Season Four, Spike/Xander, 3909 words.
Always/Now by amerella [Added 10 November 2003]
Post-Wrecked, Rated PG-13, Spike/Buffy, 2175 words.
Lattice and Pearls by LadyCat [Added 10 November 2003]
Possessiveness can turn to obsession so easily. Dark.
Alternate Universe, Rated NC-17, Spike/Xander, 2193 words.
Vignette by Ginmar [Added 10 November 2003]
One of those moments we never saw, not that I'm bitter.
Mid-Season Six, Rated NC-17, Spike/Buffy, 2835 words.
The Dance by Jonesie [Added 10 November 2003]
"You think we're dancing?"
"That's all we've ever done."
Only a few hours till the final battle. Buffy and Spike are alone with each other and their past history. Will they dance one last dance?
During Chosen, Rated NC-17, Spike/Buffy, 3060 words.
Crimson Love by Mala [Added 06 November 2003]
In the future, Spike contemplates a decision he made.('R', B/S-ish, angst)
Alternate Universe, Rated R, Spike/Buffy, 640 words.
Bloody by Jane St Clair [Added 06 November 2003]
Spike on basements and bruises.
Mid-Season Four, Pre-Series, Rated NC-17, Spike/Xander, Spike/Angel(us), Spike/Drusilla, 3584 words.
Desire by Colleen [Added 05 November 2003]
Post-Entropy, Rated PG-13, 140 words.
Voices by Estepheia [Added 05 November 2003]
Post-Help, Rated PG-13, Spike/Buffy, 100 words.
Diving In by Carolyn Claire [Added 05 November 2003]
Good whiskey and bad language.
Mid-Season Four, Rated R, Spike/Xander, 1044 words.
That Thing With Feathers by Fallowdoe [Added 04 November 2003]
A little tale about hope. Set after an alternate outcome to 'Bargaining'.
Post-Bargaining, Rated PG, Spike/Buffy, 1517 words.
Count to Ten by HarmonyFB [Added 04 November 2003]
Ten vignettes about Spike, from cradle to grave.
Pre-Series, Season Four, During Older and Far Away, Post-Grave, Rated PG-13, Spike/Drusilla, Spike/Cecily, Spike/Buffy, 3616 words.
Least Obeisance by WesleysGirl [Added 04 November 2003]
Post-In the Dark, Rated PG-13, Spike & Cordelia, 3550 words.

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