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August 2003
Family by Cody Nelson [Added 26 August 2003]
Before returning to L.A., Angel pays Spike a visit in his crypt.
Post-Forever, Rated G, Spike/Angel(us), 3507 words.
Conversation in a Cemetery by Colleen [Added 26 August 2003]
Post-Normal Again, Rated PG, Spike/Buffy, 707 words.
Other Victorians by glossolalia [Added 26 August 2003]
Spike & Wes meet up at a porn store.
Mid-Season Five, Rated NC-17, Spike/Wesley, 6336 words.
Good Company by WesleysGirl [Added 26 August 2003]
Futurish-fic set in an AU where Spike didn't get the soul.
Alternate Universe, Post-Seeing Red, Rated NC-17, Spike/Dawn, 4100 words.
Mr Grieves And The Fallen Woman by Herself [Added 26 August 2003]
Buffy finds herself in 19th century London, and meets someone she thinks she knows. (Completed April 2002)
Sequel to Spike, Or The Ambiguities, Post-Wrecked, Pre-Series, Rated NC-17, Spike/Buffy, 21007 words.
Butterflies by jodyorjen [Added 25 August 2003]
During The Initiative, Rated PG, Spike/Tara, 1578 words.
Wake by Estepheia [Added 25 August 2003]
A moment of fluff peace
Pre-Series, Rated R, Spike/Drusilla, Spike/Angel(us), 679 words.
closer to you by BuffyX [Added 25 August 2003]
"...she wants Spike to let her love him, because she knows, given time, she could, so easily. And she wants him to one day love her back."
Early AtS Season Five, Rated NC-17, Spike/Fred, 1915 words.
Midnight Waltz by Darling_Effect [Added 22 August 2003]
This story takes place in London, c. 1895. Searching for the wayward Drusilla, William encounters a strange creature in the underbelly of a London music hall. Fevvers herself is a triumph of self-invention. What if she set William on his way towards becoming Spike?
Pre-Series, Rated PG, Spike/Other, 2136 words.
Minor Property Damage by ascian [Added 22 August 2003]
After "Lies My Parents Told Me" - four people, three conversations, one apology, and a repair made with duct tape.
Post-Lies My Parents Told Me, Rated PG, Spike/Buffy, 1901 words.
Damn Chip by Colleen [Added 22 August 2003]
Post-The Gift, Rated PG-13, 126 words.
Take the Heat by Estepheia [Added 22 August 2003]
Its the shockingly white-blond hair in the sea of bobbing black and hennaed heads that draws Oz attention.
Post-Grave, Rated PG-13, Spike & Oz, 1076 words.
Surrogates by Roseveare [Added 22 August 2003]
"Really funny thing is - I asked for it."/"You usually did." Souled Spike/Angel in 1000 words. Flashficathon challenge fic.
Early Season Seven, Rated R, Spike/Angel(us), 1007 words.
What's It To Be? by Herself [Added 22 August 2003]
Buffy, Spike, and that old black magic . . . (Completed February 2002)
Sequel to Forgive Me, Post-Wrecked, Rated NC-17, Spike/Buffy, 32211 words.
Me More Than You by glossolalia [Added 22 August 2003]
Spike's hurt, Wes comforts. Or is it the other way around? Sometimes hearing precisely what you need to hear hurts worse than silence.
Alternate Universe, Rated NC-17, Spike/Wesley, 1848 words.
Spike, Or The Ambiguities by Herself [Added 22 August 2003]
Because nothing is pure black and white . . . (Completed March/April 2002)
Sequel to What's It To Be?, Post-Wrecked, Rated NC-17, Spike/Buffy, 14033 words.
At Arm's Reach by Wolfling [Added 21 August 2003]
Spike gets uncomfortably close.
Post-Lies My Parents Told Me, Rated G, Spike & Giles, 1630 words.
William the Bloody Useless and the Beaker of Doom by Roseveare [Added 21 August 2003]
Spike aka William the Bloody, experiencing a rather bad week while attempting to affect the removal of one Pesky Government Implant, is forced by Dire Circumstance to join forces with the World's Worst Demon Hunter to save the world from Imminent Destruction.
Mid-Season Four, Rated PG-13, Spike & Wesley, 4635 words.
We Are The Champions by Fit of Pique [Added 21 August 2003]
Buffy wants to put Spike and Angel in a room and let them rassle it out with oil. Me too.
During Chosen, Rated R, Spike/Angel(us), 1011 words.
First Contact by astraea [Added 20 August 2003]
Ever wondered how Spike and Dawn became friends? Okay, any excuse for a Season 4 fic.....
Post-Pangs, Rated PG-13, Spike & Dawn, 2133 words.
Blood by Colleen [Added 20 August 2003]
Everybody needs a friend.
Early Season Seven, Rated PG-13, Spike & Willow, 474 words.
Pre-Emptive Strike by Doyle [Added 18 August 2003]
Spike, post Chosen. Listen: there's a hell of a good universe next door; let's go.
Post-Chosen, Rated G, 1030 words.
Best Served Cold by Colleen [Added 18 August 2003]
Guess you're wonderin' how they knew - well, they heard it through the grapevine ....
Post-As You Were, Rated PG-13, 205 words.
Mirror/Shard by glossolalia [Added 18 August 2003]
Scenes play out to their ends.
Post-Lover's Walk, Rated NC-17, Spike/Angel(us), 2520 words.
The Sting of Salt by Lesley [Added 18 August 2003]
Post-The Gift, Rated NC-17, Spike/Lilah, 2722 words.
Knocking on Heaven's Door by Estepheia [Added 18 August 2003]
Spike and Andrew are stuck at the mission.
During Touched, Rated NC-17, Spike/Andrew, 5289 words.
Afterwhile by ascian [Added 18 August 2003]
Semi-series of short post-ep musings, from Spike's POV. From Showtime through Get It Done. More like drabble than fic, really, so be warned.
Mid-Season Seven, Spike/Buffy, 3911 words.
Manhattan Nocturne by Herself [Added 14 August 2003]
New York City in 1928, seen through the eyes of Spike, from the gay underworld to the fleshpots of Harlem. This is a stand-alone historical but also a prequel to the Bittersweets series. (Completed December 2001)
Pre-Series, Rated NC-17, Spike/Other, Spike/Drusilla, 10800 words.
Who Am I? by Herself [Added 14 August 2003]
Buffy's pretty sure she doesn't know. Spike hopes she'll figure it out. (Completed January 2002)
Sequel to Listening to Garnetta, Post-Wrecked, Rated NC-17, Spike/Buffy, 8193 words.
Forgive Me by Herself [Added 14 August 2003]
Will he? Will she? There's plenty to forgive on both sides. (Completed January 2002)
Sequel to Who Am I?, Post-Wrecked, Rated NC-17, Spike/Buffy, 16800 words.
All Wrong by Herself [Added 14 August 2003]
She can't go on, she'll go on. Spike and Buffy meet again, post Wrecked. (Completed December 2001)
Sequel to Manhattan Nocturne, Post-Wrecked, Rated NC-17, Spike/Buffy, 4205 words.
Near Enough by Herself [Added 14 August 2003]
Ten minutes in bed with Spike and Buffy. (Completed late December, 2001)
Sequel to All Wrong, Post-Wrecked, Rated NC-17, Spike/Buffy, 1450 words.
Listening to Garnetta by Herself [Added 14 August 2003]
Buffy really GETS the blues. (It's a good idea to have read "Manhattan Nocturne" before turning to this one.) (Completed late December/early January 2002)
Sequel to Near Enough, Post-Wrecked, Rated NC-17, Spike/Buffy, 3474 words.
Snow in Summer by Magpie [Added 13 August 2003]
Post-Grave, Rated R, Spike/Wesley, 4886 words.
Crack It Open by WesleysGirl [Added 13 August 2003]
Spike goes to see Wesley after he returns home from the hospital in late S3. Wesley lets go.
Alternate Universe, Late Season Six, Rated NC-17, Spike/Wesley, 1929 words.
Bruises by Colleen [Added 12 August 2003]
Mid-Season Six, Rated PG, 230 words.
Six Summers by Annakovsky [Added 12 August 2003]
Six summers of Spike's life, 1998-2003, in short. Angst, spoilers for all of BtVS, rated R for language and gore.
Post-Becoming, Post-Restless, Post-The Gift, Post-Grave, Post-Chosen, Rated R, Spike/Drusilla, Spike/Buffy, Spike & Dawn, 2172 words.
Ophthalmology by glossolalia [Added 12 August 2003]
Can the aftermaths of "Chosen" and "Home" be summarized by The Who's "Behind Blue Eyes"? I seemed to think so.
Post-Chosen, Rated NC-17, Spike/Wesley, 6294 words.
Day 138 by Colleen [Added 07 August 2003]
Season Six, Rated PG, Spike/Buffy, 266 words.
Human Touch by Wolfling [Added 07 August 2003]
We all need it, some way or another.
Post-Chosen, Rated R, Spike/Wesley, 1394 words.
Say Yes by Annie Sewell-Jennings [Added 05 August 2003]
The morning after, and Xander's less than happy.
Sequel to Orange Crush, Post-Hush, Rated PG-13, Spike/Xander, 2524 words.
No Title to Virtue by Shrift [Added 05 August 2003]
Spike and the virtues...
Pre-Series, Season Five, Rated R, Spike/Angel(us), Spike/Buffy, 1104 words.
Heliotrope by Gwyneth Rhys [Added 05 August 2003]
A few years after Chosen, Spike finds the safe world he's created for himself, after being brought back without knowing why or how, shaken up by Buffy's return to his life.
Post-Chosen, Spike/Buffy, 10635 words.
Four Wishes by Colleen [Added 04 August 2003]
Something Blue's still my favourite.
Late Season Six, Rated G, Spike/Buffy, 367 words.
Sugar Water by Annie Sewell-Jennings [Added 04 August 2003]
Xander has absolutely no luck whatsoever. Here's why.
Sequel to Candy Floss, During Goodbye Iowa, Rated NC-17, Spike/Xander, 2481 words.
Oranges and Lemons by Tara R. [Added 03 August 2003]
Spike and Dru after Prague.
Pre-Series, Rated NC-17, Spike/Drusilla, 2027 words.
Queer Eye for the Straight Guy: Spike by Mezz [Added 02 August 2003]
The Fab Five come to Sunnydale to give Spike a makeover in an effort to win back Buffy.
Late Season Six, Rated PG-13, Spike/Buffy, 5005 words.
Tales Out of School by HarmonyFB [Added 02 August 2003]
Season Six, Rated PG-13, Spike/Buffy, Spike/Angel(us), 798 words.
Cottage Country by Circe [Added 02 August 2003]
Three days of Spander schmoop set during an AU Independence Day long weekend.
Alternate Universe, Rated R, Spike/Xander, 2040 words.
Candy Floss by Annie Sewell-Jennings [Added 01 August 2003]
One of those rainy Sundays.
Sequel to Milkshakes & Honey, Mid-Season Four, Rated PG-13, Spike/Xander, 3403 words.

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