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The fiction on this site is carefully chosen by the webmaster, Laura.

The #1 guideline is that I will only archive what I like. This supercedes all the other guidelines, which exist only to give viewers an idea of what I may or may not like. In the end, everything comes down to whether I liked the story or not, regardless of whether it fits into these guidelines. Don't email me and ask if I'll make an exception for your story. I won't know until I read it.

I love stories that explore Spike's ambiguities. I'm trying to avoid stories in which Spike is a perfectly redeemed hero, because I find that to be both boring and out-of-character.

Make sure that what you send me is be ready to be archived; don't send a first draft and ask "what I think".

I generally will not include:

  • Stories that have glaring spelling and/or grammar errors. If you're unsure of your grammar, please have your story beta-read before you send it to me.
  • Spike turns human or, even worse, vamp-human hybrid. I will make exceptions to this rule in exceptional cases only.
  • Stories that explicitly indicate that Spike needed a soul to be redeemed. The official policy of this site is that he didn't. Stories that leave this question ambiguous are fine.
  • Most stories that refer to Spike as "William." See the title of this site? "All About Spike." I don't mind if the story actually deals with nineteenth century William, but I will not archive a story that turns the current character Spike back into "William" (or "Spilliam" or some other tamed, dulled-down wussy version of Spike).
  • Stories that violate the feminist themes that underlie the Buffyverse. This site is about Spike, but no matter how well you write him, I'm not going to buy a fic that turns Buffy into a pathetic child who just needs a man to swoop in and rescue her.
  • "Mary Sue" fic, in which the author inserts him/herself into the story as a nearly perfect character. If you're writing an original character, be very careful that it doesn't turn into a Mary Sue. And be warned: canonical characters can also be turned into Mary Sues. This site is devoted to Buffyverse fanfiction, and any story in which an original character overwhelms the canonical characters is likely to be rejected (even if it does deal heavily with Spike).
  • Post-Grave fics written from the perspective that Spike was tricked into getting a soul. Spike went to Africa for a soul and got exactly what he wanted.
  • Stories that blatantly contradict the established canon and mythology of the Buffyverse (I mean the simple stuff, like vampire lore, not the moral aspects which are more open to interpretation).
  • Any kind of "alternate universe" in which the characters aren't slayers/vampires/supernatural creatures. These aspects were so important in developing the personalities and situations of the current characters; removing them creates entirely new characters (and this is a Spike site, not an original fiction site).
  • Real people fiction. This site is about characters, not actors.
  • PWP (porn without plot). It has its place, but doesn't belong here. (Porn with plot is fine. Porn with great characterization or insight into the characters is also usually fine. But if you could do a find/replace for the characters names and it wouldn't make a difference, that's a problem.)
  • Buffy gets pregnant. Please, God, save us from this horrible fanfic cliché. I'm also unlikely to include any sappy domestic type fic.
  • Stories in which Spike is purely evil and cannot be redeemed. Spike's capacity for evil should not be ignored, and in fact, it makes his journey more profound when you consider how far he's come. However, Spike's capacity for good must be represented as well; one-dimensional evil Spike is boring and is not an accurate representation of his character.
  • Stories that just repeat information that viewers of the show already know, without adding anything (like character insight, plot, or even really good writing).
  • I do not tolerate plagiarism. You may not copy the work of another writer and pass it off as your own. Please cite your sources and include a disclaimer if you do reference the work of another writer.
  • In the end, it all comes down to what I like. It's my site. If you don't like that, feel free to create your own site.
I will include:
  • Any ship (including slash), as long as the story explores Spike's character in an interesting and redemption-friendly way
  • Stories that don't deal explicitly with Spike's redemption. Some of the writers here don't consider themselves redemptionists. However, I feel that any story that explores Spike's character in an interesting and thoughtful way fits the definition "redemptionist," because it is Spike's character that allows for his redemption.
  • Stories that don't have pro-redemption endings. Some excellent stories end sadly, with Spike not achieving his potential for redemption. But as long as the potential is there, I will consider the story.
  • NC-17 stories. Please do not read them if you are under 17.
  • Works in Progress. I think the enjoyment of reading a good WIP outweighs the disappointment if it's never finished. All WIPs are noted, so you can skip them if you don't like them.
  • Souled Spike, with reservations. A lot of good writers are tackling this now that it's canon. But I still firmly believe that Spike could have been redeemed without ever needing a soul, and that that could have been a more profound and meaningful story than the soul-ex-machina ever will be.
If you know of a great story that fits these requirements and is not already on the site, please rell me about it. You can recommend someone else's story or recommend your own story.
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