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Love is Blind
By Avalon

Part 23

 "Blind and naked"
 -- Alfred Tennyson

"I want you."

Spike froze.  "You what?"

Buffy licked her lips, having to force the words out through the fear that was threatening to overwhelm her.  She hadn't thought it would be this difficult.

"I...I..."  It wasn't working.  She couldn't seem to make herself say it.  Not again.

Spike eyed her for a long moment, then slowly began to move forward, the pain on his face beginning to dissolve.  And something else was taking up residence there.  Disbelief.  Shock.  And then anticipation.  And hunger.  A predatory gleam appeared in his eyes and Buffy instinctively took a step back, swallowing hard.  He was stalking her, she realized, like some big cat.  She moved away again, her heart-rate increasing.  This was a mistake.  She should never have come here.  She should just go and...

...and then he was on her, moving as fast as she had ever seen him.  One hand twisted roughly in her hair, pulling her head back and baring her throat to him while the other wrapped tightly around her right wrist, holding away the stake that had suddenly materialized in her hand.

Buffy could have fought him, could have pulled free...but something inside wouldn't let her.  For a long moment she stared at him, frozen, her heart racing -- then Spike gave the weapon a slow, sideways glance, a wolfish grin appearing on his face.

"You gonna use that?"

Was she?  No.  Probably not.  Maybe.

She didn't answer him.  "Let me go," Buffy said instead, as forcefully as she could.

He lowered his voice.  "That really what you want?"

A long pause.  A really long pause.  Entire civilizations rose and fell while Buffy stood there, her chest heaving.   And finally, staring into the vampire's eyes, the Slayer loosened her grip, allowing the weapon to fall to the ground beside her.


And, as quickly as that, Spike had seized her and swung her around, slamming her up against the crypt wall.  Buffy gasped at the impact...then froze as he traced one fingertip along the side of her jaw and down her throat, dipping even lower until it was just inside her shirt.  She shivered but still made no effort to move.

"Tell me what you want," the vampire whispered, his voice hot and seductive, his mouth close to her ear.

The Slayer licked her lips nervously, watching as he moved back enough to look into her eyes...  And in that moment she reached a decision.

"I want you," Buffy said at last.  "Hard.  Now.  Inside me."

And, as if that was what he had been waiting for, Spike abruptly reached for her shirt, yanking it over her head in one quick movement and tossing it onto the ground.  Cool air met Buffy's suddenly exposed flesh and she shivered... the shiver becoming a deep shudder as Spike tore away her lacy bra.

"You want hard," he said, his voice rough.  "I'll give you hard."

And then he bent his head to her breast, his mouth closing around it, sucking and pulling, his teeth almost, but not quite, breaking the skin.  Buffy gasped, one hand going to the back of his neck, holding him against her while his left hand plunged inside her leather pants, delving deeply.

Automatically, the Slayer spread her legs, just a little, giving him better access.  She was panting in earnest now, her heart pounding as her body tried to keep up with this sudden assault on her senses.  The fingers of her left hand curled tightly in Spike's hair while her other arm went across his back, running across his corded muscles.  Then, with no warning at all, he plunged two fingers inside her, as far as they would go.  Buffy stiffened and inhaled sharply, her head arching back even further.

"Oh god."

"That's not gonna save you now."

Spike withdrew his fingers part way, then plunged them into her again...and tremors began to go through the Slayer, her legs starting to shake uncontrollably.

"Spike..."  It came out as a moan.

He withdrew his hand, his fingers wet, and Buffy whimpered.  Then, not pausing, he undid her pants and yanked them, along with her underwear, partway down her thighs.

She was almost completely naked, Buffy realized dimly, while he was still fully clothed.  Weakly she reached for his t-shirt -- but he batted her hands away, his mouth descending ruthlessly on hers while his hand went to the zipper of his own jeans.

It was a complete invasion.  Spike's tongue was thrusting forward, past her lips while his free hand returned to her breast, tightening around it, almost to the point of pain, his thumb running over her nipple.  And then his jeans were undone, pushed down just enough to free his erection, its hardness pressing insistently against her.

She wasn't going to be able to stop this, Buffy recognized distantly.  She was at a complete disadvantage, pressed against the wall like this, her leather pants effectively binding her legs while Spike's weight held the rest of her prisoner.  She might be able to stop him, if she really tried...if she really wanted to.  He might even stop if she asked him...but she didn't know for certain.  And the not knowing, the realization that she wasn't the one in control anymore, that he could do what he liked...

Oh god.  It was a turn on.  And it was like nothing she had ever experienced before.  Angel had been a tender lover.  Riley had been kind and loving but had lacked her strength and stamina.  Parker was just a mistake.  But this -- this was pure force and aggression, primal in its intensity.  Dangerous.


Moving even more swiftly now, Spike seized both her wrists, pinning them against the wall beside her head...and then, with one savage move, he drove himself completely inside her.  The Slayer convulsed almost instantly, calling out his name.  Supernovae seemed to be exploding behind her eyes while great tremors racked her body.  And through it all, the vampire held himself back -- filling her, stretching her as she had never been stretched before...but hardly moving.

An eternity or two passed while Buffy was rocked with pleasure.  Finally though, the shocks began to subside, just a little, and she managed to open her eyes, trying to focus.  Her head was resting on Spike's shoulder, she realized, her hands still pinned behind her...and he was moving again now, withdrawing almost completely.  Then he slammed back into her so that her body rocked back with the force of it, her back hitting the wall with each thrust.  And Buffy moaned, unable to do much for the moment except hold on.

 *     *     *

Her heat was incredible.  Spike felt as though he was standing in an inferno, its intensity almost overwhelming.  The flames were threatening to consume him.  But there were worse ways to die, he thought raggedly as he continued his relentless barrage on her body.  To have this happen, to actually be the be inside the Slayer, to feel her disintegrate around him, his name on her was heaven.  Or as close as a vampire like him could ever get.  'Please,' he thought incoherently, 'if this is a dream, don't let me wake up.'

After some time, Spike changed the rhythm, his thrusts becoming slower but harder, burying himself as deeply as he possibly could with each stroke.  And slowly but surely, he could sense the pressure beginning to build within her again.  Well, good.  He was going to make her forget the poof, forget G.I. Joe, forget every man who had ever been between her legs.  Or in her heart.  She might not love him -- but she sure as hell wasn't going to be able to ignore him.

"Look at me," he growled at her.

Blinking a little, she did.

"Say my name."

"Spi-ike."  It came out on a gasp, as he drove himself mercilessly into her.  And he even managed a triumphant grin, through the sensations that were sweeping through him.

"This hard enough for you, Slayer?"

 *     *     *

He was grinning.  Smug bastard.  Buffy could think now, just a little, although her mind kept threatening to fly apart at any moment.  Conceited, self-satisfied vampire.  Just because he had forced her body's complete surrender, had made her experience the most blindingly powerful climax of her life...didn't mean he got to stay in control.  Surrender might be exciting for a while...but it only went so far.  And it wasn't who she was.  Buffy glared at him, saying through clenched teeth even as she tried to fight off the waves of pleasure cascading over her:

"No.  It's not."

Surprise flitted briefly across his face...even more so when she wrenched her wrists out of his grip and tugged his t-shirt up.  Then she dipped her mouth to the vampire's chest, running her tongue across his skin while she clamped down on him with her inner muscles.


Spike tensed, a startled look in his eyes.  And Buffy began to rock forward, her hips meeting his, every muscle working...and it was his turn to groan.


"That the best you can do, Spike?" she whispered mockingly.

Their eyes met, challenge going from one to the other, and then Spike's grin widened.  "Not bloody likely."

With that, he bent slightly, pushing her pants down to her ankles, then plunged brutally back into her again without missing a beat.  Buffy arched her back, trying to draw oxygen into her starving lungs, even as she stepped awkwardly out of the leather and kick off her shoes.  And then both of her legs were up and around Spike's hips, her arms tightening around his shoulders.

Oh god.  If it had been good before, it was shattering now.  Buffy could feel herself hovering on the edge of another climax, shocks going through her.  Spike moaned, his body beginning to quake alongside hers.  And for just a moment, a sense of just how surreal all this was struck her.  This was Spike, for god's sake.  She had Spike inside her -- deep inside her, his body cool against her warmth and his hands -- and everything else -- on her.  And, for just a moment, she wondered if she wasn't making a mistake...but it was too late now.  A lifetime too late.  She had made her decision and she was just going to have to live with it.

Long moments passed, while he continued to pound into her, his eyes never leaving hers, the Slayer's gasps sounding loud in the silence of the crypt.  And then, just when Buffy thought she could bear the pressure no longer, something went through the vampire's eyes...and he buried his face in her neck.

Buffy tensed, expecting to feel his fangs rip through her skin at any second...but instead his arms tightened around her with the strength of desperation and he whispered her name against her skin.


Her eyes widened in surprise...and then he was spilling himself into her, his body shuddering helplessly while he clung to her.  And Buffy found herself going over the brink with him, falling into some dark chasm, only his arms around her still anchoring her to this reality.  And finally, slowly, silence descended upon the crypt.

Continued in Part 24

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