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Spike Lips! Lips of Spike!
By mr. monkeybottoms

DISCLAIMER: Yes yes, we all know it. That Joss guy has all the rights to all the characters. I am a weirdo rabid geek-fan who writes stories now and then. Mutant Enemy owns lots too. And so forth.

THANK YOU: to all the fabulous people who reviewed my other story. It inspired me to continue with this. Not as much sassiness, but never fear, the next chapter promises to deliver.

THIS IS: Basically, Spike and Buffy had a naughty time in Giles' tub after 'Something Blue'. Now, a few weeks later, Buffy and Spike haven't really talked privately. The Scoobies have stopped the end of the world-again. It starts at the end of 'Doomed', which ended with Xander, Willow and Spike all seeing Riley in his commando gear in the wreckage of Sunnydale High. Afterwards Buffy kisses Riley (ugh, need to wash out my eyeballs now) and Spike wants to go kill. Xander and Willow wanna watch the TV.

Chapter two

Spike paced before the two Scoobies, excited. His adrenaline was running high. He could HURT again. Fight! Kill! And yet, there they sat, blankly watching some stupid action movie.

"What's this? Just sitting about watching the telly when there's evil afoot? Not very industrious of you." He leaned in closer and they both moved over to the left, trying to see the screen. "I say we get out there and kick a little demon ass!"

Willow and Xander wore identical bored expressions, trying to ignore him and veg on the couch. He was having none of it. Maybe a little egging would get them going.

"Can't go without your Buffy, is that it? Too chicken? Let's find her, then. She is the chosen one after all." Spike said. "Come on! Vampires! Grrrr....nasty! Let's annihilate em! For justice...and...and for the safety of puppies...and-Christmas, right? Let's fight that evil! Let's kill something!"

Willow pointed silently at the TV, not taking her eyes off the screen.

"Oh, come on!" Spike whined.

Xander sighed. "Will it get you to shut the hell up?"

Spike almost glowed and bounced around on the balls of his feet. "Sure, whatever you want. Just, let's go maim and destroy...I mean, rescue babies and such. Call the Slayer and let's get going."

"Buffy's at Riley',." Willow said, making Spike pause in his little killing-spree jig.

"Riley?" Spike said. He sat down on the couch, rudely shoving his way between Willow and Xander, ignoring the look Xander gave him. "Who's that then?"

"That Army guy we just talked to when we stopped the end of the world. Remember?" Xander asked sarcastically, bending down to pick up the pretzels Spike had knocked off his lap when he sat down. Spike was a terrible room mate.

Spike scoffed. "What, Spud-boy? That farmer in the 'secret' get-up?" He sat back and crossed his arms. "Please."

"He's a commando." Xander smiled, a thought occurring. "Hey! I bet he was one of the guys who chipped your brain and made you all impotent." He dusted off one of the pretzels and bit into it.

Spike looked smug. "I wouldn't talk about being impotent if I were you. I seem to recall a certain ponce not being able to perform just the other night."

Xander shot to his feet. "Hello, vampire not six feet away from me? As if I was going to do anything with you in the room!" He ignored Spike's muttered 'Thank god for that', and pointed a finger at him menacingly. "For someone who wants free room and blood you are awfully smug. Maybe I won't be around to bring you your dinner anymore! Maybe I won't be around to stop you from dusting yourself! May-be I'll tell the Initiative just where they can find you for more slicing and dicing of the ole Spikey."

Spike looked at Xander and slowly stood up to face him. "And maybe, when I get this chip out of my head, you'll be the first one I drain. Or..." he tilted his head and gave Xander a mean little smile, "Or may-be I'll drain the little ex-demon while you watch." Xander shoved him, hard, and he shoved back, pain shooting through his head. He buckled a bit, holding it in agony.

"Bloody-you can't tell me I can't even push someone!"

"Too bad for you," Xander said in a fake worried tone.

"Um, guys?" They both turned to look at Willow, who was hanging up the phone. "Buffy says to meet her at campus and we'll patrol. She's not very happy about being interrupted."

"Interrupted?" Spike said, eyebrows raised. "You mean the Slayer and Mr. Potato-head are an item?"

"Well, they had a picnic," Willow said. "With apples." Spike nodded. What could make a bit of killing better than knowing he'd managed to get Buffy away from her newest lapdog?

"Right then. Off we go to patrol. The Slayer will have to realize that maintaining peace and harmony between her fellow man and, er, the undead is more important that playing with her college puppy."

He marched out, the others following reluctantly. "Pass me a pretzel," Willow said listlessly.

Buffy was waiting for them in front of her dorm, and she looked pissed. "Tell me again why we need to go out and patrol right after we've stopped the end of the world?" she said wearily. If it wasn't for Riley getting called away for a debriefing she would have told Willow there was no chance she was going out tonight-again.

"Spike is bugging us," Xander muttered sulkily.

Buffy sighed and looked at the vampire, who had the most innocent expression on his face. He mouthed, 'No I'm not', and mimed, rather well, that Xander was sexually frustrated and had kicked him out of his basement. Her face paled.

"Ewww Xander," she said.

"What?" Xander looked at Spike, who shrugged.

Willow ate another handful of pretzels.

"Why don't you two, um, go home. I'll patrol and then drop Spike off later," Buffy suggested, adding, "You look beat."

"Yes, why don't you 'beat it'," Spike said to Xander, sending a glance to Buffy. She looked mortified by the thought of Xander masturbating and spun around.

"What?" Xander asked, confused. "Well, if you want. I'll go pick up Anya, we haven't seen each other much since Chippy started making himself un-welcome."

"Are you sure Buffy?" Willow asked, stifling a huge yawn. "Cause I'm up for some major action!"

Buffy laughed. "The only thing you look up for is a nap. Go. Rest. I'll do a quick circle and be back soon."

"Yes, off you two go. Never fear, the Slayer and I will rid the night off all those nasties," Spike said, practically pushing them on their way, his impatience to kill something growing. "Bye now!"

"Um, bye." Willow went inside. Xander gave Spike a look, but gave Buffy a wave and took off to Anya's. Spike turned to Buffy, ready to go.

"Well Slayer, shall we go rid the world of a few more bits of evil?"

Buffy looked at Spike, annoyed. "Why don't I just rid the world of you and call it a night?" she said, but started off towards the cemetery, not looking back to see if Spike was coming or not. He watched her walk for a second, then came up beside her with long strides, his coat flowing behind him. She didn't say a word as they walked, didn't even look at him. So that's how it was going to be then? The little bint messes around with him in a tub and then pretends like nothing went on? Well, he'd have it out with her right now.

"So Slayer, how are things with the soldier boy?" Spike watched Buffy's face, delighted with the embarrassed expression. "Show him that little trick with the tub and the chains yet?"

She stopped suddenly and grabbed him by the throat, effortlessly pinning him up against the nearest tree. Her grip was like a vise. "Don't. Ever. Mention. That. Again." she spat. Spike smiled into her eyes.

"Mention what? The best sexual moment you ever had? Much more satisfying that the Poof I wager, and I never even had the pleasure of entering-" He was cut from further bragging by Buffy's left hook. It sent him sprawling to the slightly damp ground. "Hey! Watch the leather. My duster could get ruined you know."

Buffy glared down at him. "The only reason anything happened between us was because of THE SPELL." She came closer and put her foot on his shoulder, the boot heel grinding in painfully. "And now that spell is over, so there will be no more talk of it. Ever. I still have the nightmares."

She'd had one just the other night in fact, and it was rather fresh in her mind. Spike and her in Giles' tub again, only this time there were no chains or clothes, just hot, hot water and peach-scented bubbles. And lots of sex. She shivered.

Spike noticed her shuddering at the thought of his touch. So that's how it was then? "Oh, I see, you prefer the touch of a fumbling prat like your army boy? Well, you're welcome to it. Enjoy." He sneered the last word and pushed her foot off, getting up.

"Yes. That's right," Buffy said, a little more defensive than she needed to be. "I like him. He's human. He's not a killer. He listens when I talk and he doesn't wear the same outfit twenty-four-seven!"

"Ooooh, he sounds right proper," Spike mocked. Good for her. Hope she gets the pox. "Like a right, proper, wanker. I'm sure you two will be very happy together. Maybe tomorrow you can go to the zoo and feed all his brothers, the gorillas."

"Really mature Spike. This is the talk of a vampire who's over a hundred years old? You're acting like a child." Buffy turned away from him in a huff. Suddenly she felt his hands on her shoulders, the iron grip whipping her back to face him.

"I know how to act with you Slayer," he growled. "I know what you like. And I'm the only one who can give it to you." He suddenly pushed her down to her knees before him and she yelped. What nerve! Who did he think he was-

Spike took the hit from the Turalk demon right on the jaw, splitting his cheek open. Blood poured down his neck as he shoved Buffy aside and ducked the next swing, roaring in absolute pleasure. This was what he needed! Pure, un-chipped violence! He punched it hard, ignoring how the skin burned his fists, enjoying hurting something-anything again. He felt alive!

"Do you mind? I was having a conversation here!" Buffy delivered a kick to the Turalk's back and it stumbled a bit. Her boot suddenly sported a gaping new hole as the acidic goo coating it's skin ate away at the leather. "Hey! Those cost a lot of money!" She pulled out her stake and went for its heart.

"Can't kill it like that Slayer," Spike panted, dodging a mighty blow. He tore of his coat and threw it to safety before coming in for some more hits. "You need to touch it with something gold." He didn't move fast enough and the next swing caught him on the shoulder, making him hiss as his skin bubbled at the contact. He went down hard, clutching the injury. The Turalk made a strange whistling sound and lunged for him.

"Spike!" Buffy grabbed at her necklace and threw it to him. He caught it in midair and gave out a yell of pain.

"Dammit Slayer!" he said, dropping the cross in the grass. His palm sported a brand spanking new cross-shaped burn. "What are you trying to do?" He demanded, kicking the demon away when it came close. It fell over a headstone, which promptly began to smoke.

"Ooops! Sorry." Buffy ran over and fumbled in the grass. "Ah ha!" She held it up triumphantly, just in time to shove it in the Turalk's face. The thing gave an almighty scream and began to melt almost immediately, making Buffy scoot back from the steaming mess in disgust. "Sick."

Spike groaned, still lying in the grass, nursing his hand and his burnt shoulder. "A person could think you were trying to get me killed with that kind of help," he muttered when Buffy kneeled down next to him. She reached for his hand and he made a sound of protest, pulling it back sharply.

"Let me see you big baby," Buffy said, gently pulling it toward her again. He stilled at the soft touch and watched her silently as she inspected the damage. "This will heal, " she said, not letting go of his hand. She was very close to him, close enough that he could feel her breath against his cheek. She lifted her other hand to the blood that had already stopped flowing from his cut and touched him, fingers lighter than butterfly wings. When she pulled her hand away he saw some of his blood on her fingertips. Spike moved in and he licked them clean, echoing his move from their bathtub encounter, making her gasp a little as they stared at each other.

"Buffy.." Spike leaned in close, his lips brushing hers gently. "Buffy." Her lips parted and she breathed her scent into him, still holding his hand in hers so very gently. It made him dizzy with pleasure. This was even better than killing. He let his lips trail down to her neck, sweetly and oh-so sensually kissing at the sensitive spot near her pulse. Spike sucked softly and Buffy moaned from the pleasure of it. Her free hand traveled to his shoulder, accidentally touching his wound. He winced sharply and she pulled back, eyes huge. They stared at each other for a second, and when Spike leaned in again Buffy shot back from him and leapt up.

"Buffy wait-" he began but she backed up, pointing a trembling finger at him.

"No. Spike, you can't do this to me. I want a normal relationship. This is obviously still leftovers from the spell."

"What? That spell was over the moment the witch broke it and you know it," Spike said, impatient now. "And as for a normal relationship, good luck with that. You'll never be with a normal guy because you aren't a normal girl, and the sooner you admit that the better." He stepped towards her, face twisted a little from her rejection. "I know what you are and what you need. And I can give it to you," he promised again. This didn't give the desired effect he was looking for. Instead of her melting back into his arms she gave him a push that sent him flying to the ground and took off sprinting into the night. "Dammit Slayer." He said again, watching her go. "What the bleeding hell is your problem?"

Continued in Chapter three

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