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The Rescue
By Elsa Frohman

The "UPN" promo for Part Two

Title: Next week on Buffy the Vampire Slayer:

Voice over: Spike is the captive of First Evil and Buffy has to assemble a crack team to rescue him.

(Clem stands in the doorway of Buffy's living room.)

Clem: I'm in charge of the snacks.

(Two-shot of Buffy and Anya.)

Anya: Dawn can shriek a lot and wave her weapon around ineffectively.

(Close up on Willow.)

Willow: I could do a confusion spell, but, well, it's confusing. (Boing sound effect.)

Voice over: But there are obstacles to overcome.

(Principal Wood blocks the door to the school basement looking stern.)

Robin Wood: I don't suppose you'd like to explain why you and several people -- some of whom don't seem to be students -- are headed down to the school basement packing a variety of medieval weapons?

(Wide shot of Buffy with Xander, Anya, Dawn, Willow and Clem bunched up behind her.)

Buffy: (tentative) We're doing some role playing? Some ... um ... medieval role playing ... with weapons. But it's actually going to be very non-violent.

Principal Wood: This really plays havoc with our zero tolerance weapons policy.

(Two-shot of Buffy and Anya again. Buffy leaning against a door frame looking disappointed.)

Buffy: This isn't working out the way I visualized it.

Anya: Oh? In what way?

Buffy: I thought we'd be competent.

Voice over: Next week on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

(Close up on Xander.)

Xander: I get it. It's all about underwear.

Continued in Part 2 Act I

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