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The Slave Series
By jodyorjen

Chapter Three: Triple X

The slayer and the vampire stand toe to toe in the most unsavory part of Sunnydale. Around the corner, the sound of a fight breaking out erupts from the Fish Tank. The breeze from the docks rolls past, whipping their hair in the breeze.

"You've got to be kidding." Arms crossed, Buffy faces off with Spike in front of the blacked out windows of the storefront.

"You promised that you would do whatever I wanted," said Spike, in a low sexy voice.

"I was- distracted- at the time. This wasn't exactly what I had in mind," said Buffy. She gestures at the red neon signed that blares, "XXX! ADULT VIDEOS AND BOOKS!"

"There is absolutely nothing in there that I am interested in. I guarantee you."

Sighing, Spike pulls out a cigarette and lights it up. "Look, a deal's a deal, pet. You do anything that I want to do. I do anything you want to do. You want to have your fun later, you hold up your end of the bargain."

"I'm not going in there with all those freaks and perverts," says Buffy firmly.

A fresh-faced couple holds the door open for a matron who is exiting with a large, brown paper sack.

Exhaling a cloud of smoke, Spike sighs. "You really need to think outside the box, love. Not everything is black and white."

Buffy holds her ground. Clasping her arms around her, she looks as immovable as Acathla.

Spike throws down his cigarette, grinding it down with his heel. "OK, Buffy. I can see you're going to be stubborn about this. So let's cut to the quick." Crossing his arms, he stares down at her. "Either you come in there with me now, or I'm going back to the crypt. End of evening, end of fun."

Leaning over, he bites her gently on the neck. Moving up to her ear, Spike whispers to her softly. "No licking. No sucking." His hands trailing down, he slips his hands inside her jacket, rubbing and fondling her breasts. She makes a hissing noise, her head tilting back. He grabs both of her nipples and gently pulls. "No fucking." She pulls him to her, wrapping him into a deep, intense French kiss. Buffy grabs his ass, grinding against him with fervor.

Breaking the kiss, Spike steps back. "What's it going to be?"

Flushed with desire, Buffy stares at him. Her expression is stormy as her jaw clenches.

Without a word, she bangs the door open and stomps inside. Spike follows her, a sly grin on his face.

The store is glaringly bright, lit by fluorescent lights blazing overhead. Racks of adult videos line the front of the store. A long counter on the right side is adorned with signs about proof of age and store policies. A young woman sits behind it, reading a large paperback book.

A few low steps at the back of the room lead to another room, filled with racks and displays of sex toys.

Buffy stands just inside the threshold, looking intimidated. Spike grabs her hand, leading her to the back of the store. Buffy looks at the titles of the videos as the pass the racks.

"Video Virgins? Blowjob Adventures Part 4? Knocking on The Back Door? Who the hell watches this stuff?"

Reaching his destination, Spike stands next to Buffy in front of a wall of dildos, vibrators, and other items. She looks over at him. "I don't even know where to begin here, so help me out a little."

He looks at her intently. "Just look things over, see if anything seems appealing."

"Not likely," she mutters. Dropping his hand, she turns at looks at a shelf behind her, brimming with various potions and lotions. "Hmm. Edible body lotion. Strawberry, pina colada, cherry." She laughs. "Cherry seems a little inappropriate." She picks up a bottle of hot fudge flavored lotion and sniffs it. "Hmm." She holds it in her hand as she continues to peruse the shelf.

"Kama Sutra Pleasure dust." Picking up the tin, she reads the label. "Enter an exotic world of sensuality. You and you partner will enjoy the tingling sensation of pleasure dust as it is applied to your body with the enclosed Royal Feather Wand." She cracks up, grinning at Spike.

"Who writes this stuff? Can you imagine?" Buffy mimics a sultry phone sex voice.

"Baby, tickle me with your royal feather wand." She hands the lotion and dust absently to Spike.Looking pleased, he grabs a shopping basket from a stack and follows her.

Continuing on, she hits a display of handcuffs, blindfolds and whips.

Picking up a large whip, she whips it around. "Bad lion! I'll show you who is boss!" The whip shifts pitifully, barely making a crack. Buffy looks irritated. Angling her wrist she snaps it down with more effort. "Take that!" The whip arcs and jumps, giving a very loud crack.

Pleased with her effort, Buffy smiles, putting it back in the rack. Grinning evilly, Spike pulls it back down, tossing it in the basket

Buffy moves a little farther down, picking up a riding crop and moving it experimentally.

She swipes the riding crop through the air, making a lot of noise as she snaps it around.

She swings her arm back and forth, enjoying herself.

Spike watches her, naked desire in his eyes. "Slayer," he says huskily, "if that appeals to you we've got one waiting back at the crypt."

Realizing that she was getting into it, she drops the crop like a hot potato.

"Yeah, right. As-if." Picking up a blindfold, Buffy pulls it over Spike's eyes.

"Hey now, none of that," he complains.

She pulls away from him, out of his reach. "You can't see me," she teases. "You're at my mercy."

He grabs her quickly, holding her wrists. As they kiss, Buffy hears a snap and feels a pinching sensation at her wrists. Spike has locked her in a pair of sturdy handcuffs. Looking up, she sees a grinning Spike, his eyes still covered with the blindfold. "I can't see you, but I can hear you," he says Annoyed, she rattles the cuffs.

"Take these off." says Buffy.

"Take off the blindfold," counters Spike.

"Take them off right this minute," snaps Buffy.

Leaning forward, Spike licks her bottom lip. "Make me."

Buffy puts her handcuffed wrists around his neck, biting hard on his cheekbone.

"Let me go, Spike."

He grabs her around the waist, rubbing into her. "Never. I'll never let you go." Ardently, they kiss, leaning heavily into each other.

An annoyingly familiar voice pops up behind them. "Hey, are you guys going to have public sex?"

Breaking free of the kiss, Spike and Buffy turn around. Anya stands there, holding an anal plug and a large bottle of lube.

Buffy pulls off Spike's blindfold. She twists her hands beside her back, trying to hide the cuffs.

"Anya! This isn't what it looks like," says Buffy.

"You guys weren't groping and rubbing and getting all excited? I must have missed something," chirps Anya.Spike stares at Buffy, looking amused.

"Well, deny it all you wan," continues Anya.. I was just looking for Xander. He must have wandered off to look at those girl on girl tapes again." Patting Buffy on the shoulder, she turns to leave. "Don't worry, I won't tell Xander. Hearing about you two would throw him off his game tonight, which would ruin my fun." Looking down at their basket, she says, "Good choices. I don't recommend the fudge lotion, though. The strawberry tastes much better."Looking up at the display, she grins. "Oh, nipple clamps!" Delighted, Anya grabs a package of them and leaves.

"Oh, my God!" exclaims Buffy. "That was totally-"

"Hysterical!" interjects Spike. "Did you see what the girl was holding?"

"This is not funny," hisses Buffy. `Now Anya knows, Xander will find out. What the hell will they think of me?"

Sighing, Spike grabs her wrists and removes the cuffs.. "Look, Buffy. If we don't admit it, no one will really know. We could be pissed, stoned, under a spell. Whatever. No one will believe that you were here with me of your own free will anyway."He looks down at her."No one would ever believe that you would touch me."

Looking up into his eyes, she is struck by the resignation and pain that she sees there.

She gently pulls his mouth to hers. He deepens their embrace, kissing her as if it was the last time. Buffy breaks free, pushing him away. "Go home, Spike. We're done here. This is over."
His jaw locking into place, he leaves, his coat flowing out behind him.

Continued in Chapter Four: Cuts Like A Knife

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