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The Slave Series
By jodyorjen

Chapter Two: Slave in Shackles

Candlelight flickers off the stone walls of the dark crypt. Propped up on one elbow, Spike watches his lover sleep. Buffy seems so sweetly innocent in slumber, her hair and skin glowing from within. The image is marred by the telltale bruises and scratches etched on the perfection of her skin.

Just looking at the lines of red and patches of blue moves Spike deeply. She is marked as his. His arousal flares once more as he thought of their lovemaking, of the feel of her body and the sound of her cries. He wants her again, badly, too urgently to wait.

Straddling her back, he moves her hair aside and licks her ear. His tongue trails down the lobe, tracing down her neck and nipping at her collarbone. His hands move over the skin of her back, caressing her.

Buffy stirs beneath him. Making small sounds of appreciation, she rolls. Gazing up at him with sleepy eyes, she pulls him down to her, kissing him sweetly. The kiss becomes deeper. Spike rubs against her, stiff with desire. Arching her hips into place, she slides him inside her.

They begin to move together, still locked in their kiss. Buffy's hands wander down Spike's back, lightly scratching his skin.

Spike breaks their kiss, moving his mouth down to suck on her neck. Moaning with pleasure, she arches her back, encouraging him. "Please," she whimpers. "More." Spike sucks her harder and harder, thrusting farther and faster inside her, until Buffy's body locks up all around him, stiffening with orgasm.

"Buffy," Spike cries, the momentum of her release propelling him over the edge.

"Oh, God," she whimpers, her head rolling back as intense pleasure rocks her body.

"Mmm," murmurs Spike, collapsing on her chest. They lay tangled together on the bed, enjoying the closeness of each other.

Buffy looks over at Spike's relaxed face. "That was a really nice way to wake up. You are a super deluxe alarm clock."

He smiles at her, pleased with his prowess. "That's me, love. Your own personal appliance."

They laugh and kiss again.

Buffy rests her head on Spike's shoulder, wrapping her legs with his as they lie together.

"I really like having sex with you," says Buffy.

"Why thanks, Slayer. Happy to be of service," replies Spike, a glint in his eye.

She pulls his head to hers, rewarding him with a deep, intimate kiss. Settling back on his shoulder, she runs her fingers up and down his arm.

"I know that you've wanted me for a long time," said Buffy. "There must have been a lot of fantasies that you had, things that you dreamed about doing."

Spike looks at her oddly. "Uh huh."

"We could maybe try some of them," says Buffy.

He is intrigued by this turn of conversation. "What popped this idea into your head, pet?"

"I looked in the trunk at the end of your bed. That gave me a pretty clear visual," says Buffy teasingly.

Caught off guard, Spike sits up, covering himself with the bed sheet. "You looked through my trunk? Saw my-"

"Ropes, chains and padlocks? Check. You don't have to draw me a diagram, Spike."

"So, you're saying you want to." Spike's voice trails off.

"Tie you up?" says Buffy, blushing.

"You want to tie me up?"

"Yeah. Is that not what you had in mind?" She nibbles at her lip, nervously.

"Well,.yeah. That's what I had in mind, alright." Spike grabs her waist and draws her on top of him. "Slayer wants to play naughty games with me," he teases, loving it. She roughly grabs his wrists in both hands and holds them above his head, pinning him. He pants with excitement, licking his lips. His erection is immediate, poking into her abdomen.

"You like it when I hurt you, don't you, Spike?" Buffy exerts more pressure on his wrists.

He moans, his hips arching against her. "You're a mean nasty vampire," she says, her voice low and husky. "I'm going to punish you." She releases his wrists, leaning over and staring in his eyes. "If you move a muscle, you're going to be very, very sorry." Sliding down the bed, she leans over to open the chest. She rummages around, her naked butt up in the air.

Unable to resist temptation, Spike pounces on her. He grabs her shoulders and slides inside her, clamping his teeth down on her neck. Hands full of chains, Buffy momentarily loses herself to his attentions. Spike's hands slide around her front, cupping her breasts firmly as he thrusts. After letting him take a few strokes, Buffy throws him off of her.

Flustered, Spike lies flat on his back on the bed. Jumping on top of him, Buffy quickly shackles him to the bedposts. "Now you're going to be very sorry," she hisses.

Spike looks at her, his eyes bright with arousal and a touch of fear. Buffy runs her nails down his thighs, red scratches blooming in her wake. Spike rolls and bucks in the cuffs.

"You knew you'd be punished if you broke the rules, didn't you?" asks Buffy. She changes direction, scraping her nails over his stomach to his chest. Spike's head is thrown back, lost in pain and pleasure. Crawling up his body, she sits on his chest. He jerks forward, trying to reach part of her, any part of her. "Tell me that you're sorry, Spike."

"Sorry-" he whispers.

"Didn't sound sorry enough." Buffy  grabs his head in both hands and pulls it backwards, baring his neck. She rushes in quickly, as if she is going to bite him hard. Spike tenses up in anticipation. Instead, her tongue licks him gently all over, taking her time. When he is sliding and moving underneath her, making truly pitiful noises, she stops.

Buffy slides down his body, coming face to face with his twitching red cock. She licks the head all over, using the same tiny strokes that she used on his neck.

Moving further down, she makes equally tiny bites on the inside of his thighs, licking and nibbling. Spike is starting to buck and move rhythmically. Looking up, she sees that he has turned his head to bury his face in a pillow.

"Look at me," commands Buffy. He turns to her, his golden eyes blazing, his demon mask in full force. Crouching over him, she bares her neck. She grinds her bottom against his hard cock. "Which one do you want more, vampire?" asks Buffy. "Sex or blood?" She slides against his erection, letting him feel how wet and ready she is.

Carefully, she draws a nail against her neck, bringing forth a small trickle of blood. "Do you want Buffy? Or do you want the Slayer?" Growling, he pulls his wrists forward with a powerful jerk. The bed gives a sharp creak. The shackles break open, pieces of metal clinking to the floor. Spike shakes his wrists, sending the remnants of the cuffs flying.

Wrapping his arms around Buffy, he sinks her down onto his cock. He sucks the blood from her neck as he comes, pulsing forcefully inside her. His orgasm receding, Spike pushes back her hair.

His sweet, smiling human face looks into her nervous one. "I want all of you, Buffy," Spike says quietly. "Not just the slayer. Not just the girl. Every single part of you. Slayer bits. Buffy bits. Dark bits. Silly bits. The whole package. Nothing you can come up with will scare me away." He kisses her gently, continuing to move inside her.

They stare into each other's eyes as they make love, caressing and touching each other in wonder. They both feel the bond between them tightening. Neither pulls away.

Continued in Chapter Three: Triple X

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