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By Rocky

Part 7

“Should be that one, there.” Spike motioned to the cavern ahead, “What’s the plan?”

We’ve had hours to think up a plan, but no. We had to go all talky again. I sighed, “Dark. No flashlight. You?”

“Left my lighter in my jacket,” he muttered, glancing up at the branches. “Don’t fancy just a casual stroll in there. Won’t see a damn thing without a torch or somethin‘.”

God, we’re stupid. “Should’ve brought Willow. Bet she could’ve done a spell or something.”

“Yeah, or we could’ve just brought a torch,” Spike shrugged, “Wicca’s spells always seem to go all wonky, if you ask me.”

“Not anymore,” I ripped at one of the lower branches. “And no one’s asking. Now find some rocks to spark this.”

“I’m not a bloody caveman, Slayer.”

“Just find two,” I strained, tugging hard at the branch. “Stop wasting my time.”

I heard him chuckle, fumbling around the ground. The branch came loose, and I pulled the bark away, fraying a driest corner. Spike handed me two stones.

“Hold this.”

He did so, and I placed one rock close to the frayed side. I clacked the rocks together a couple of times before a spark ignited. The branch began to burn.

“Well, well, well…” Spike smiled. “Something new every day, Slayer. Never stop surprising me.”

I raised the axe. “Let’s go.”

Serious business now, Buffy. Stop looking at him. I have work to do. I told him to stop with the mooneyes, now all I have to do is… stop… with the… mooneyes. He walked in front, holding the torch up towards the wall. God, I can’t even focus. I don’t even know which way we’re going.

Spike disappeared behind a wall, the glow from the fire still easy to see. He hadn’t said a word the whole time we’ve been in here. Just scenting and walking. Good. I liked it that way. Easier to focus. It’s what I asked him to do anyway—stop with the talking when things were serious. And they are. Focus. Work to do. I rounded the corner, and jumped.

“Bloody hell, Slayer!” Spike spoke in a low whisper. “Awfully jumpy tonight.”

“Spike! This demon, you know what it looks like?”

“Sh!” he turned around. “We’re getting close, you wanna lose a limb?”

I pulled him back down the other hall. “Don’t you think we should plan this out a little?”

He smiled—that mischievous smile. God, I hate that smile… a little. “Don’t want to wing it? Think it’d be more fun for you if we did…”

I yanked the torch from him. “We’re not going any further until you tell me what we’re up against.”

“Nothing we can’t handle, Slayer. You know I wouldn’ta brought you here if I thought otherwise,” a slight smile appeared.

I glared back at him.

He sighed. “Big beastie. Lots o‘ fire, lots o‘ muscle.”

“So how do we kill him… it?”

Spike pointed to the axe.

“That’s it? That’s your plan?”

He nodded. Shadows stretched over his head.


“What?” More shadows, big shadows. “You got a better idea, Slayer?”

My eyes opened so wide I thought they might fall out. Whatever was rushing up behind Spike was more than just ‘big.’ The flames licked the cave’s ceiling. I pushed the torch into Spike’s hand and grabbed his arm.


We turned back down the other corridor, and then I let go of Spike’s arm and sprinted faster. Outside. Get outside. Too big. Spike’s footsteps were behind me, and then we could hear the demon’s steps: shattering slams against the rocky floor. The walls shook around us. I rounded another corner. Then another. More corners after that one. I stopped, staring at the three passages in front of me. I don’t remember this...

Spike came to a scudding stop at my side, breathing heavy. My thoughts sidetracked. He’s always doing that. Why? What’s he trying to prove? He has no breath to be out of…

“Slayer,” he said between gasps, “I think you took a wrong turn.”

The walls shook with a thundering smash. Spike looked behind us.

“I think you took a lot of wrong turns.”

“Well, I didn’t know!” I kept staring at the three choices. “You should’ve said something!”

He sighed. “I think we should go left.”

“I think right.”

“Right, left then?”

“No! Right. Go right!”

“Let’s compromise: Middle?”

I shook my head, and began stepping forward. “We’re going right.”

“What if I want to go middle?” Spike protested. A large crash sounded nearby, and he eagerly followed me to the right.

I rounded another corner and stopped, pushing Spike back as he came around it. He fell on his back, dropping the torch. “What the bloomin‘ hell was that for?”

I stepped over him. “Big? Nothing we can’t handle? Are you insane?”

He shrugged. “Guess he grew up…”

I leaned against the wall. “This is the stupidest goose-chase I’ve ever been on.”

He struggled, using the wall to help himself up. “Been fun though, hasn’t it?”

I rolled my eyes, but a smile came up anyway.

“Been a long time since we had fun… together.” He leaned next to me.

It had. Everything so serious all the time, especially with all The First’s latest antics. And the year before, with Willow… and Spike… and everything. It had been a long run for hard times. But this was fun… he’s right. I smiled.

“I miss that.” I said.

“The fun? The innocence, that’s what it was, pet. The chastity… the virginity…”

I glanced at him, and he was quick to reply.

“I mean, you were naïve then. Things weren’t so complicated, because you didn’t know any different.”

“No.” I looked at the ground. “It was… it was hard then, too.”

A pause. A long pause.

“Before I came along?”

I nodded. “Long before. I may have been naïve, but I was learning.” I looked over at him, “Learning fast. Hard lessons, Spike. The life-changing kind.”

“I get that,” he looked at the ground, probably regretted bringing it up. “That’s why… It’s something I wanted to change. Make it easier...”

The wall behind us shook, and we both stood away from it. Spike slipped into another passage, and I followed.

“Never did, though,” his words echoed slightly in the air, “It’s why I left. To get it… do the right thing. It’s what you’re all about… the right things.”

“Perfect Buffy died a long time ago.” I sighed, glancing his way.

The torch lit the wall behind him, forming a bright glow around his head as he murmured, “Always be perfect to me.”

God. Is he serious? Is he trying to make me cry? Who knows what he’ll do if I cry again… here, in this dark hole. God, he’d do… that thing. I bit back on my expression, and a laugh pushed its way out.

“Perfect to you? Is that some kind of joke?” I chuckled harder. “Because it’s funny. I mean… Spike, I’ve treated roaches better!”

He looked surprised at my reaction, and stopped walking. “After everything I’d done to you? Pfft, don’t even bother ’bout my forgiveness, pet.”

What’s that supposed to mean? God, he’s a bad liar. What does he think I am? “What would you say if I asked for it?”

He shook his head, turning his back and walking again. “Don’t ask it.”

“Why not? You beg for mine every day!”

He pointed the torch, “I think we should go left up ahead.”

I stopped, crossing my arms. He stopped walking, knowing I had stopped walking. He dropped the torch and faced me.

“I think you can’t forgive me. That’s why you can’t answer me.”

His face crinkled, eyes staring like I was upside-down. And he stood, silent and staring, as I found more to say.

“It’s true, isn’t it? You can’t forgive me.” He’s right not to. I was wrong. I needed to hear it, and he didn’t need to say it.

He kept his eyes on me, moving closer. Oh no. Not again. Too much contact already tonight, Spike. He set his hands over my shoulders. Oh no. Bad, bad. No, no. Forget it, Spike. Forget I said it.

He blinked, and his lips twitched. A hand fell against the back of my neck. So familiar. So comfy. It settled into place, rubbing a cool finger across the top of my spine. I strained to keep my eyes open. If I close them, it’s over.

I closed them.

Oh, bad. Oh no. Please don’t. Fire monster, Xander—anything turn that corner right now and stop this.

His cool lips pressed against my forehead. My thoughts melted away, as if his chilling touch was too hot to bear. He held there a short moment, and it was over so fast that I had to fight not to pull him back.

I opened my eyes. His fixed in them—entranced them. I couldn’t look away if I wanted to… I didn’t want to. Say it please. I need to hear it.

He brushed his hand across my cheek. “There’s nothing to forgive, love.”

There is! God, there is! Why won’t you? He turned again, and was picking up the torch. No! That’s not what I wanted! Tell me what I need to hear you say, Spike! I stood there, begging him with no words. Forgive me.

He turned, motioning me in front of him.

It came to me then as I stepped forward. Things really are different. Not long ago I could’ve said all those words to him, and he would have said it all right back… in any language I wanted... as many times as I wanted. But not now. I couldn’t even bring the words to my tongue. They didn’t taste right.


God… I’m still naïve.

“I… I don’t want to wander like this anymore.”

Spike shrugged. “Like to stay here forever, then?”

No. I want to fight. I need to fight. “Where’s the demon?”

Spike glanced about the hall. “Not sure. Smell’s harder to pick up. Must’ve given up on us.”

“Hunt it.”


I looked at him, not showing any expression. “We’re going to kill it. Now.”

He stopped, and began walking the other way. I followed.

“You sure ’bout this, Slayer?”

Oh God, yes. I’ve never wanted to kill anything this badly. Well, maybe equal to how much I used to want to kill you, Spike. “Just… get me to it.”

His eyes closed, and brow rose. “You’re the boss, pet.”

God, I need to kill something.

He stopped. “This is it. You hear it? Right through this wall.”

“So why isn’t it busting through?”

“Breathing slow. Must be asleep.”

Perfect. I gripped the axe tight. “Let’s go.”

The lair was open, and empty except for the demon. Lots of running room. Not a lot of high points. My eyes fell on the demon, resting in the far left corner. The scaly back moved up and down slowly. I glared hungrily. You are so dead.

“Got a plan, Slayer?” Spike whispered from behind me.

I shrugged, and stepped lightly towards the demon’s back. I pulled the axe back, and the blinding rage inside took over. I swung down, hard and fast, chopping right down the spine.

The wound exploded, forcing me back in a rush of heat. Spike caught me, but the force pushed us to the ground. Then the roar came, shaking my insides with the walls. The ground vibrated as it struggled to all fours, favoring its back. Then it turned to us, the face twisted in bloodlust. The golden eyes burned through me as I got to my feet, pulling Spike up. I heard him pull a knife… from his boot? Didn’t know that was there. I lifted the axe, sidestepping. The demon’s glare followed me.

The mouth—more like a beak—stretched open, releasing a deep growl. Spike had moved to its other side now, crouching slightly, the long knife held before his face.

I moved in quick, spinning the axe over my head for more power. The demon crouched, and sprung forward at me. I dove under it, the sharp beak catching my shirt. I got to my feet again, touching the rip over my shoulder blade. The ground shook as the heavy body landed.

“Fire, Slayer!” I could barely hear Spike shout over the deafening screech of the monster. “Get down! Buffy!”

I fell to my hands and knees, the fire rushing just above me. I rolled to my right before I stood. The demon’s back was to me now, the face focused on Spike dancing in front of it. I ran at it again, winding the axe before landing it hard into the hind leg.

The demon squealed, lunging forward at Spike, who leapt out of the way. I pulled the axe out, and the demon’s head turned to me. The piercing screech started again, and I sprinted away from it. I heard the fire rushing behind me—felt the heat building up, and dove face-first against a wall, pressing my body hard against it. The wave pushed past me, singeing the torn fabric on my shoulder. Then it stopped, and the demon howled, shaking the wall I was up against. I blinked to clear my blurry eyes, and then was able to see it again.

Spike had pushed his knife into an eye, and a massive front claw lifted and knocked him away. He flew across the lair, crying out before landing hard on his back.

The demon lifted the front claws, scratching at its face. I stepped into the open again, ignoring the pounding sounds as the paws slammed into the ground. I crouched low as a claw finally scratched out the knife. A deafening roar again, and it turned to me.

I took a deep breath as the demon screeched again. The bloody head lifted high, then pushed forward with a fierce shriek. The smoldering flames flew at me. I still crouched as it came, faster and faster. Louder and louder. Focus. Wait. Wait. Almost…

Then I felt it. The surge of strength as the flames came too close. I pushed my legs up, rolling to my right. The blaze fed past me, devouring to the back wall. I regained my footing, stood fast, and gave a tiny yell as I heaved the axe across the lair. The blade spun at the demon’s neck, still stretched out to scream the fire. It landed with a sick thud, forcing the demon to its side. The chamber fell silent, and the fire burned out. All was dark except for the torch near the entrance that dimmed by the second.

Continued in Part 8

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