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By Ginmar

Chapter 3

Spike led the way into the crypt, lighting candles as he headed toward the ladder that led to the lower level. Buffy hung back a bit, and he turned and looked into her eyes. She reached out a hand, and he took it and led her with him.

He lit more candles, then stopped, turning, looking at her. When he had finished, he returned to where she was only halfway down the ladder, and leaned forward, dropping to one knee on the step in front of her, his eyes never leaving hers.

She sat down abruptly, her knees having lost all their strength. He leaned into her mouth, his hands sliding up her thighs, his body separating her knees, his mouth opening against hers, his tongue….

Buffy broke away, her heands clutching his hair, to look at him, wondering if she would ever see the same facial expression on him twice. He was like a kaleidoscope sometimes, always different….

Then he was pulling her against him, lifting her against him, and then they were falling on the bed, and they were ripping frantically at each others’ clothes. He was entirely too good at kissing, soft and wet, hard and urgent, all at once, too much, till she bit his lip and he grinned down at her. He nipped at her chin, just a little, and she traced the scar in his eyebrow with a thumb.

The thought suddenly occurred to her: “No one can find us. We have all night. All night. Hours upon hours”.Spike traced her cheekbones with his thumbs, and kissed the tip of her nose. He decided that perhaps he’d missed a spot by her earlobe; then, oh no, there was another spot down by her breast. Oh, she had all kinds of little noises, he thought, but none was as naked as the gasp she made as he slid further down, kissing, till he hit her navel, and lifted her knee over his shoulder.




Spike, poised between her legs, rested his head on her thigh, and gave her the Look of Death. Ah, that was familiar, she thought.

“I’m making a collect call, Buff.”

“But there’s lights…”

Aha. He kissed the soft stomach between her navel and her brown curls.

“Yes, luv, there are, which is a good thing, isn’t it.”


He had wondered to himself before, and now he figured he knew the answer. Never. Not the sort of thing Angel would have tried with a virgin, hell nor anyone, and that silly git who’d tossed her away, well, no doubt there. As far as Captain Cardboard, he really couldn’t imagine the guy being so generous.

He looked at her and lowered his chin till he was giving her the most wicked look in his extensive repertoire.

“Yes, there’s lights, because you know what? I want to see you. Every bit of you. I want to remember you, every taste, every smell, every bit, so the next time I have to listen to Xander or Anya yapping about wedding dresses, I can remember you and how you felt, and how you moved, and everything you did. Even I can’t see that well in the dark, though.”

He slowly stuck his tongue out at her, locking with her eyes, and took an exploratory taste. She was bright red, and it was actually sort of adorable.

“But…you know…the…”

If she turned any brighter, she’d explode, he thought. “But?”

He held her eyes, dipping his head very slowly, while she tried half-heartedly to close her thighs. If she wanted to, she could have snapped his head off with one twist, but she didn’t.

She was still wet from their earlier encounter, but she was also swollen and trembling again. He parted the damp curls with his tongue, never taking his eyes from hers, till he reached her swollen clit and sucked it into his mouth. A fresh surge coated his fingers and he marveled with his last bits of coherent thought how responsive she was.

Then he began to suck and lick in earnest, and she moaned as if she were in pain, and arched off the blankets. She thrust her pelvis so hard against his face he had to lay his hands flat against her stomach to keep her from breaking his nose.

Then she froze, her eyes huge, and he felt them at the same time she did, the irresistible pulses of orgasm. Her breathing was harsh and unsteady in the silence of the tomb. He noticed she didn’t take any trouble to keep her legs modestly closed now, but her leg muscles were trembling so badly he didn’t know if she could.

He was as hard as iron now, and looking at her all flushed wasn’t helping any. He crawled up her body and settled on top of her, her legs wrapping around him almost automatically. She cupped his shoulders with her hands and looked up at him with bewilderment. “I just…”


She flushed all over again and he mentally reviewed the things that didn’t make her blush: climbing him like a tree, riding him like a pony (but that had been in the dark) shagging him frantically in the graveyard, or up against a wall where she worked. But passionate as she was in the dark, she was shy about the light. “Hm.” “Is it always like this?” “You mean…? No.” He said finally. “For you…”


He paused for so long she was afraid she’d said something she shouldn’t.

“No. Not even then.” He looked not at her, but elsewhere, and then at her again, rather mischievously. “You?”Buffy blushed all over again.


He kissed her again, savoring the taste of her mouth, the way she pulled away periodically to sigh, which was wonderful because then her breasts crushed even harder against him. She was trembling, too, so much that it worried him enough to stop and look down at her. She looked up at him with wide eyes, almost curiously. Then she shook her head and asked,

“Who are you?”

“I hope this isn’t the point at which you usually ask that question, luv.”

She actually smiled at that. “No, who are you?”

She traced his cheek with the backs of her fingers. “You’re so…” Her voice had dropped to a whisper. She touched his mouth with just one fingertip, her eyes fixed on his, intense, still with that same expression of curiosity. “I don’t know you.” She whispered.

“Yes, you do.” He couldn’t figure out why, but it was very necessary to duplicate her whisper. “You’ve known me all along. Since….”

“No, just since..I don’t know.”

He realized why she was whispering, then; she couldn’t raise her voice because it would be too unsteady.

“But now….”

She was blushing furiously, her usual response to any intense emotion, but she kept looking into his eyes, unabashedly, making him drown, making him shiver, too, with something that felt almost like heat, even him, a cold creature who’d been so long without he could barely remember it. Then she pulled him down and kissed him hard, saying things she couldn’t put into words, shoving him over on his back, and then she was gone.


Spike lifted his head and looked at Buffy, kissing her way down his body, her warm hand cupping his erection and she sucked on his nipples, then his navel.

“Did Adam and Eve have navels?” He thought suddenly, which made almost as much sense as Buffy, working her way down his suddenly tense body, because there was no way she was going to…

But she did. Oh, God, this just wasn’t happening, her mouth was so hot, and she was tasting him like he was a lollipop, getting used to the flavor…

”Buff…What are you doing? Buffy, stop….”

She looked at him with an expression of bewilderment that he realized, could turn into offense in a heartbeat.

“Don’t you want me to?” “Do you want to?”

Ah, wrong question. Oh, this was not happening, he wasn’t going to be able to stop, to last, she was acting as if he was delicious, the way she was, and oh, God, she was kissing his balls now, oh no, stop that, that was too much, it was just too much for him, good thing his heart didn’t beat, right about now it would be exploding…

Buffy watched his reactions, watched him twist, heaving himself up on his elbows, even while his head arched back. She took his penis back into her mouth, licking the slit, which made his whole body stiffen as if he’d been electrocuted.

“Oh, God, Buffy, I’m going to ---stop, I’m going to---OH---“

Buffy sucked so hard her cheeks hollowed, and Spike exploded, his hips helplessly jerking slightly, and his eyes squeezing shut as if he were in pain. He was utterly abandoned in his ecstasy, and Buffy thought mildly, that maybe he’d had a point. Now, if she was bored, she could just picture him, and well, that would certainly take her mind off her boredom. He was so beautiful, so lost in the pleasure she’d given him……

She crawled up him, just slightly, nestling his limp penis comfortably between her breasts. Spike, still breathing hard, looked down at her with almost alarm, shaking his head weakly.

“Who are you?”

She lowered her head to his stomach, and just looked at him.

“That’s when you usually ask that question?”

There wasn’t any progress on the monster, even though they went through pretty much every book in the Magic Box. Buffy wondered if their lack of progress might be partly due to the fact that she had spent the afternoon in bed with Spike, although, technically, it wasn’t in the bed after the first couple of times.

Progress was also not helped by the way he sat across from her at the table, his thumb circling a spot on the table in the exact same way he circled that spot on her cheekbone when he kissed her, the exact same way he circled her nipple.

He slouched bonelessly in his chair, which seemed to irritate Xander in some pissy little way that made Xander sigh repeatedly till Spike eyed him and said,

“Spring a leak, Floppy Boy?”

“Let’s go somewhere else.” Anya burst out suddenly.

“Where? The bridal shop?” Xander asked.

“We could stop there.” She said brightly. “But this is stupid; we’ve looked at everything, we’ve called Giles…”

“You, ah, called Giles?” Buffy asked carefully. “What did you say?”

“We told him about the frost monster.”

“Yeah, you could have told him yourself if you’d been around.” Xander said.

“Gee, the jobs cut into my chatting time,” Buffy said drily. She eyed him carefully, not certain of whether she should be cautious or not.

“She’s working every night,” Willow said. “Plus the patrolling, so Xander what’s your problem?”

“Nothing.” He muttered. “Nothing.”

“How about the Bronze?” Anya said eagerly.

“What?” Everyone said.

“How about the Bronze?”

“For what?”

“I’m sick of this.” She exclaimed. “We’ve done everything, and we still don’t know anything! This is pointless.!”

“Maybe she does have a point.” Spike said. “We could use a break.”

“Can we all fit in your car?” Buffy asked.

Xander drew himself up and glared at Spike, but before it went any further, Buffy glanced from one to the other, and inadvertently made things worse.

“I’ll ride with Spike. You guys go together.”

Xander kept silent except for a tight lipped, “Buffy, wear a helmet. Spike….Don’t wear one.”

Spike chuckled a bit at Xander’s glare, then zipped off, leaving Xander staring after them.

Continued in Chapter 4

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