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Bondage Fun
By Moose

Author's Notes: This is the "missing" handcuffs scene from "Dead Things." Also note that this is *not* PWP (Porn Without Plot). It is quite plotted, thank you. :-)
Betas: Much thanks to Perletwo, Mezzibelle, Chen, and NikiB for the wonderful beta action. This story is the better for it.
Disclaimer: Joss is God. The characters are his. I'm merely having fun with them.

***NO MINORS PLEASE*** If you are under 18, go ask your parents if you can read a story titled "Bondage Fun." If they say yes, I'm sorry you have such crappy parents. Now read my PG-13 fic and be happy. Go on. Nothing naughty to see here.

Bondage Fun: Put It On Me

Buffy laid back on her elbows, allowing Spike to run a warm, damp cloth over her, removing the waxy residue from her skin. He was as meticulous in cleaning her body as he was in awakening it with naughty pleasures. And she was surprised to find an easy, unforced smile spread across her face.

Spike noticed. "Happy, love?"

"No," she pouted, her lower lip jutting out. She couldn't help herself. She felt playful and giddy. And Spike, the big bad evil vampire, was the reason for it. He had made her forget about crappy jobs, social workers, and the pity stares her friends gave her when they thought she wasn't looking.

Spike raised his eyebrows in mock surprise. "What more could you want, pet?"

Mountains more, she thought. Heaps and heaps of mind-numbing, jaw-slacking sensations, each more incredible than the last. You make me feel, Spike. I wanted to feel again, and you did it. You're the one I should...

Buffy stopped at that thought. It was heading down roads she didn't want to think too hard about.

Dully, she realized that Spike was staring at her in confusion. Oh, probably need to say something...

"Um, Spike?"

"Yes, love?"

She moved--Slayer moved. In a blink she had flip-rolled him into her previous position on the bed, straddling him.

She smiled down at him. "What's your word going to be?"

Spike gazed up at her with sheer adoration. A word floated to the surface of his mind, the only word he could think of to describe the blinding perfection that was she.


Her lips quirked a bit, then she laughed.

God, no...effulgent wasn't enough, Spike thought desperately, bathing in her laughter.

But before he could think of another word, she leaned down and kissed him tenderly.

When she pulled away, she was still smiling.

"Thanks for making me laugh."

"Sure, pet," he said, bemused.

She noticed his confused look and bounced off the bed, chuckling. Buffy picked up the discarded handcuffs on the dresser. Turning, she held them up with her pinky finger, a mischievous look on her face.

"So Spike? How bad have you've been lately?"

A slow grin spread across his face. "Well, I did shag the Slayer. That's gotta be bad in someone's book."

Buffy walked over to him and snapped a cuff onto his wrist.

"It is, Spike. It's very, very bad. You might have to be punished."


Spike moaned as the wax hit his chest, straining uselessly against the handcuffs binding him to the bed.

She was having her fun, there was no doubt about that. An outline of a heart was being carefully drawn in bright red wax on his chest. She intended to do alternating red and white hearts, until his entire chest was covered.

"God! Slayer..." Spike gasped.

"Shut up, Spike. You're ruining my pretty picture. And stop with the breathing. You don't need to breathe."

He groaned as another gob of wax struck his torso. He had tried to explain that the differences between their skin temperatures made this far more intense for him, but she just smiled evilly. Bloody hell... What had he gotten himself into?

He jerked slightly when two large drops impacted near his nipple.

"Arghh! Look what you made me do!" Buffy flounced off the bed and retrieved something from her coat. Climbing on top of the bed once more, she straddled him. A sharp stake suddenly pressed against his skin.

"Move again, Spike, and I'll put an arrow through this heart," Buffy said, smiling wickedly.

Spike's eyes widened in fear. Buffy bent down and caught his lower lip with her teeth, biting sharply until she could taste blood, kissing him ferociously. When her face came away, both of their lips were smeared with his blood, and her eyes were dark with lust.

Spike shivered gazing at her countenance. Gone was the playful Buffy. This Buffy reminded him of his Dark Princess: strong, feral, dangerous. This was the side of her no one else saw--no one save those at the end of her stake.

He knew he had to try to give her whatever she needed, even as he attempted to quell the fear rising in his dead chest.

"Now, hold still," Buffy intoned, and the hot wax assault continued.


"Now, hold still, sweet William... Oh look, Daddy's home!"

"Dru? Where's Darla?"

"Mommy said she wanted seafood, but I don't like the nasty words those sailors make when you bite them. I decided to play with William instead."

"Looks like you've been play'n for a while, darlin'."

"Yes, he's been very bad lately. He even tried to touch me! Naughty, naughty, bad William."

"Did he now? Well, maybe it's time for me to play, darlin'."

"Oooh, Daddy's cross with you!"

"Now boy, try not to move. I'd hate to drive this through your filthy heart. Really, I would."


Spike tried, he really did, but another large, searing drop of wax landed on his chest and he flinched. His eyes immediately went to the stake in Buffy's hand. She pressed the point hard against his skin and he lost it.

Letting out a yell, Spike bucked madly, trying to get the wooden point away from his fragile, still heart.

Buffy found herself unceremoniously dumped onto the floor with a painful thud.

"Ow!" she protested. When she looked up she saw Spike huddled against the head of the bed, his legs pulled up tightly to his chest.

"What the hell...Spike?"

His eyes were on her stake, transfixed. The clacking of the handcuffs against the metal bedframe alerted her to his trembling.

"Shit..." Buffy threw the stake away and reached for the handcuff key.

Unlocking his wrists, she stroked his face trying to get him to calm down. His eyes were wild and distant.

"Spike? It's okay, Spike."

Slowly, the light in his eyes came back, and the trembling ceased. Spike focused his gaze on her.

"Sorry...sorry, love," he gasped.

"Don't apologize, Spike. I didn't realize you would react like that..."

"I just...with the stake. I thought you were going to..."

Buffy looked aghast. "You thought I was really going to stake you?"

"No..." Spike started then stopped. How could he explain? Tell her about the Great Poof? About Dru? What they did--what he allowed to be done? How much power they had over him? How easily he surrendered in those first months of undeath for the promise of blood and sex?

A promise he'd found again drying on Buffy's lips and sealed in wax on his chest. How could he explain he hadn't read the contract--the fine print on the tip of her stake?

" don't trust me?" Buffy said, incredulous.

"Pet, no, that isn't... It's a vampire thing. Honest," Spike pleaded.

"You don't trust me."

Spike's undead heart clenched at the lost, forlorn note creeping into her voice. He cursed himself. Far better if she had staked him than to see the pain in her eyes--pain he'd inflicted.

He went to pull her to him and she shied away.

"Don't touch me," she muttered. She got up and started searching for her clothes.

"Pet. Love..."

She wouldn't look at him. She pulled on her jeans, not bothering to find her panties.


She turned toward him as she buttoned her shirt, her face cold and hard.

"Spike, drop it. It's not important." Her words cut him like a knife, the true meaning in the subtext--'You're not important. You're nothing to me. Just an evil undead thing I like to fuck.'

Spike growled. "No. I'm not important is what you mean, pet," he said, his eyes flashing yellow.

"Spike--drop it."

"Bloody hell, woman! What does it take? I'd die for you; you know that. Better than anyone."

She turned her back to him and he slid behind her, his hands running lightly over her shoulders and arms.

"I'm sorry, love."

She wouldn't face him, wouldn't look him in the eyes.

"You used to trust me," she said in a small voice.


"I know you did. Before I came back..." Before she came back wrong. She had her answer now. She knew how wrong she was. Wrong enough even a lovesick vampire couldn't trust her.

Bloody hell! Spike thought, feeling her stiffen under his touch. This was the last thing he wanted. He could feel the fire ignited within her fading. Their moment of happiness replaced by something bitter and hollow.

He swung her around to face him.

"I trust you, Buffy. Just like you trust me," he said firmly, searching her face, trying to find a spark, an ember still burning.

"I..." she stopped. "I have to go. Dawn needs me." She broke away and finished getting dressed.

"Pet, don't go. Not like this."

"I have to...go."

"Then come back tomorrow."

"Dawn needs me."

Spike watched her leave, knowing his words were useless. Words weren't important to Buffy--only actions.

His cowardly actions.

"Fuck!" Spike slammed his fist into the wall, disintegrating a good portion of stone.

Next time he wouldn't back down; Spike vowed to himself. He'd face her--take whatever she threw at him. He wouldn't shrink away from her like every other man in her life. He'd fight for her.

Even if it meant letting her kill him.


"Come on, that's it, put it on me. Put it all on me... That's my girl."

"I am not your girl!"

"You don't have a soul! There is nothing good or clean in you. You are dead inside! You can't feel anything real! I could *never* be your girl!

The end.


In the process of researching this fic, I discovered some useful information that I'd thought I'd pass along.

First off, not all wax is the same! NEVER grab any old candle and start dropping hot waxy bits on your significant other's tender, vulnerable flesh. Different candle wax burns at different temperatures.

NEVER use beeswax candles. They burn too hot for human skin. Unless you like trips to the Emergency Room to explain why you have burns where you do, and even then--DON'T.

NEVER use scented candles or other candles which you don't know what is in them. Many chemical additives (some used for color) also raise the temperature of the wax, and the point is not to burn. Stimulate, yes. Burn--NO.

You want simple, plain paraffin candles. They may be hard to find, but don't take the risk in NOT KNOWING what is in a candle.

When using a candle, note that if you let the wax pool at the wick it will be much hotter, so be careful!

Drop wax from a higher distance to aid in cooling.

Final bit of advice--always test the candle wax on yourself first.

Do your homework and have fun! ;-)

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