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Road Tripp'n
By Moose

Sequel to Easier Said

Author's Notes: This is a sequel to my fic "Easier Said."
Betas: Colleen, Mezzibelle, Perletwo
Special Thanks: To Mezz, for the quick final beta. :-)
Disclaimer: Joss is God. The characters are his. I'm merely having fun with them.
Summary: Spike takes off for places unknown only to find an unwelcome passenger along for the ride.

Road Tripp'n Part Eight

"Are you sure?" Buffy asked.

"Yes. He's in L.A. Somewhere near Angel. That's all I got out of T'Keti. Out of his mind, I mean. While we were linked through Tara," Willow said into the phone, trying to ignore her lover's exploring hands. She stifled a giggle as Tara slid her hands under her shirt. She mouthed "quit it" and Tara began kissing her neck instead.

"Will!" Buffy's insistent voice came loudly over the phone's receiver.

"Um, yeah?" Willow asked.

"We will talk later, about the...magic stuff. But I..I just wanted to say thanks...for this. And thank Tara too."

"You're welcome, Buffy. Are you going to call Angel? I didn't know if we should or not. I don't think Spike and him get along that well," Willow explained.

"No. I'll go see him. It...I'll have to do it sometime," Buffy said, resigned. "I'll call again soon. Bye."


"Bad?" Tara asked, still kissing Willow's neck as she hung up the phone.

"Oh, no. Good. Very, very, very..." Willow purred.

"Good?" Tara finished with a smirk.

"Yes," Willow sighed, surrendering to Tara's persistent kisses for a moment before pulling back.


"What?" she asked, puzzled at Willow's worried face.

"What do you think...I mean, I haven't seen Buffy this upset in a while. Not over..."


"Yeah. I mean, why Spike? Okay, he's helped us, and she patrols a lot with him, but..." Willow trailed off, frowning.

"Maybe she has feelings for him?" Tara suggested gently.

"Feelings? Like boy-girl, or, uh...girl-girl if you're us—feelings?" Tara gave a small laugh at that. "But this is Buffy," Willow continued.

"So?" Tara asked, confused.

"Sooo...she's done the whole vampire-lover thing. And it really didn't work out well for her. Or my fish. What if he gets all mean like Angel did? What if his chip stops working?"

"Honey, I love you, but you're kinda dense sometimes," Tara said with a slight smile.


Tara laughed. "He didn't have to help Buffy because of the chip. He loves her. And I think he loves Dawn too. I know she loves him, so it's not that big a surprise if Buffy might too. Not to me anyway."

"But the badness..." Willow protested.

"We've all done stuff, Will," Tara murmured, eyes downcast. "Probably not as bad as Spike, but then, he is a vampire. They're kinda prone to the violence, right?"

"But that's just it, Tara, he's still a vampire. And yeah, I know I don't have an excuse for what I did, almost getting Dawn killed, but I..."

"No! I didn't mean you, Will. Me. I've done..."

"That wasn't your fault."

"I could have stopped h..him. My brother d..didn't force me. He was just so messed up a..after mother died..." Tara trailed off, willing the hitch in her voice to leave. After a moment she continued.

"We do things, Will. Stupid things sometimes. I..I don't want people to look at me and say that THAT is me, 'cause it isn't. There's so much more. I don't want to live in that house forever. T'Keti used it a..against me. He knew. Spike shouldn't have to... We aren't the ones to make him pay, Will. It's not fair."

"But..." Willow interjected.

"No! We shouldn't force Spike to live in the p..past either. It's wrong. He's more than that now. At least to Dawn. And Buffy. And me too, I think."

"Because he was there? In your mind, against T'Keti? That was from you, wasn't it?" Willow asked.

Tara smiled. "Yes. I didn't think I thought of him like that—as a friend. But he is. He'd protect me. And you. He likes us."

Willow thought for a moment, then grinned. "But not Xander."


Willow laughed. "They do go out of their way..."

" annoy each other," Tara finished, sharing a smile with her lover.



"Was that really your mom? Or..."

"It was her," Tara said with a bright smile.


"Yeah. Wow."


Spike woke to pain. Breathed pain. He sucked at the air—a reflex his dead body hadn't managed to purge. Slowly he became aware that he was lying on his back, and that the bright light dancing across his eyes was the half-full moon.

The moon. Dru said something about... Fuck! Dru!

He tried to spring to his feet, but immediately doubled over, collapsing into a tight ball.

"Damn you, Dru," Spike gasped through clenched teeth, the pain squeezing tears from his eyes.

He had to get out of there, he knew. It wouldn't take long before someone came looking...

Spike glanced at the sheared power cable lying next to him, dead.

Got me back for the cattle prod, eh Dru? Spike thought wryly, as the agony started to recede a little. However, it was back again as he uncoiled himself. He barely managed to get to his hands and knees without screaming.

Desperate to get out of there, Spike began to crawl. Every jagged movement shot hot needles through his limbs. Mumbling a mantra of curses and groans, he inched forward.

Six feet from where he started, he collapsed unconscious again.


"Spikey. Yoohoo! Wakey, wakey! Aww, com'on, lover. You're no fun all limp like that..."

Spike blinked his eyes open to see the smiling face of Buffy staring down at him.

"Buffy?" he groaned.

Her smile broadened at the question.

"Who else? Are you going to lie there all day, or what? We have places to be, things to do," she said, tapping her foot impatiently.

"But the pain, love..." Spike said, spasming slightly as he raised his head from the asphalt.

Buffy sighed theatrically. "Do I have to do everything?" Leaning down she kissed him. Deep. Tonsils deep. Long and hot and wet and...

She ended their kiss with a grin.

"Feel better?"

Amazed, he found that he did—the pain was gone. Spike sprang to his feet with a growl.

"Hell yeah, cutie," he said, scooping her into his arms as she laughed.

"Easy tiger," she giggled.

"How'd you do that?"

"Hidden Slayer powers," she said sagely, even as his hands moved to her squeeze her ripe little...

"Hey, now. None of that. Fuck later," Buffy reprimanded him.

Spike paused, his head full of questions, but the swish and sway of Buffy's flower print dress distracted him. He wanted so much to slip his hands under, his tongue under, his cock under...

He followed like a puppy as she skipped ahead of him, laughing, as his hands sought to lift up her dress.

"See something you like?" Buffy purred, stopping suddenly. Spike grabbed her from behind as she ground her bottom against his now very tight jeans. His hand reached up and squeezed her breasts even as he captured her up-turned mouth with his lips. She matched his moans, swirling back against his hardness, grinning at his gasps of pleasure. Then she danced away again, laughing. Furious, he pursued her, but she kept out of reach until they reached his new car.

Spike grabbed her with a frustrated growl. She merely smiled.

"Fuck later," she said simply, breaking his hold from around her waist.

"Fuck now," he insisted, grabbing at her again.

The uppercut to his jaw snapped Spike's head back like a yo-yo, his teeth snapping together hard. He looked at her in shock, but found her still smiling.

"Get in," she said, hopping into the driver's side. "It's my turn to drive," she added impishly.

"Buffy..." Spike started, confused. A phantom memory of—of what? Something. He was supposed to wait for something....

"Time's a waste'n," Buffy said, looking at him expectantly.

Spike climbed into the passenger seat next to her.

"I don't know if this is such good idea," he grumbled. "Can you even drive? And where are we going?"

She laughed, her eyes twinkling with mirth.

"To France, silly."


"This one?" Xander asked Anya, holding up a black leather-bound book. Anya frowned.

"No. It's burgundy, not black. Oh, and don't hold that one too long. It's been dipped in poison," Anya added, continuing her search through the stacks of books they'd pulled from the Magic Box's shelves.

Xander dropped the book as if it had bit him.



Xander was gesturing wildly at the book, making inarticulate sounds.

Anya smiled. "It wouldn't have killed you. It's too old. Most of the poison has rubbed off already."

"Most!" Xander sputtered, then paused mid-outrage as he saw Anya's brow crinkle. "What is it, Ahn?"

"Why are you helping Spike?" Anya asked bluntly.

Queen of the almost-sequitur, Xander thought wryly.

"I don't know." Xander suddenly yelped as Anya pinched his arm.

"No, 'I don't knows,' Xander. You promised, remember? Or do I have to get out the contract?" Anya said. Xander muttered something under his breath, followed by a yowl as Anya kicked him in the shin.

"And no muttering! Clause three, paragraph two explicitly states that..."

Xander tuned her out as he fought for an answer. He truly hated Tara for giving her that 'Marriage For Dummies' book, which urged long, definitive statements of expectations. Trust his Anya to take it to the next step and draw up a sixty-three page contract. She had relished the task, and truth be told, he found it kind of cute when she started calculating how many orgasms she expected a week. Until he saw the number. No rest for the Xan-man...

"Are you thinking about sex?" That question broke his chain of thought.


"Sex. Are you thinking about it? You've got that look."

", I'm not..." Xander eyed her pinching fingers warily and sighed. "Okay, yes. I was thinking about sex."

Anya looked at him curiously. "Why are you having sex thoughts when I asked about Spike?"

"What? Anya! Spike! I was thinking of you. And about the contract..."

"Oh. Did you want to add more orgasms to your total?"

"No. Well..." He paused to consider that for a moment, then shook his head. "No, that's not...I was just thinking that as strange as it seems, the contract is kind of a good idea," Xander finished. Anya practically beamed.

"Oh Xander..." she said, throwing her arms around him and hugging him. He chuckled. Trust Anya to get emotional over sub-paragraphs and clauses. Still, it really wasn't that bad an idea. And he could deal with contracts—they were a daily occurrence in his line of work. Drywall contract for this much, sub-contract the plumbing for that much... And Anya had, with the precision of an ex-Vengeance Demon, laid out exactly what she expected of him. Sure, they had haggled, Xander wasn't a fool, but in the end they had come to an agreement that both had found strangely comforting.

His parents sure could have used one, he thought. Might have kept them from hating each other, wondering if they made a mistake getting married.

"So, why are you helping Spike?" came Anya's muffled question against his chest. "I thought you didn't like him."

"I don't. Not really. It's just that Buffy was so upset, and Dawn too. And I guess he's not that bad to have around. And...and I can't believe I'm going to say this—if he makes Buffy happy..."

Anya was definitely beaming again. Hmm, could start on that O-number early tonight, Xander thought.

"Buffy deserves to be happy, like me. And I've got everything I want right here," he said, bending to kiss her.

Anya returned the kiss, only to break off a little breathless. "Is your back better from last time? We could go in the back room and try that dismount again..."

Xander cut off his exuberant fiancée with another kiss. Oh yes, Xander thought, happys for everyone. Definitely his new motto.


Julie exited the hospital, her anger at Angel quickening her pace. She needed a fresh change of clothes and a good, long shower. That would help. But she knew she couldn't go back to her apartment; Vick's thugs might be waiting for her there. And despite his earlier heroics, she doubted Spike was up for another fight. Especially the way he had been clutching his head, his eyes narrowed with pain.

Julie spotted the blonde vampire sitting in the passenger side of the Cadillac convertible. What was he doing? Did he want her to drive? And who was he talking to?

Ten feet from the car, quick, cold hands wrapped around Julie's mouth and waist, yanking her back behind a large van.

"You mustn't disturb him, dearie," a whisper raked in her ear like fingernails on slate. "Playtime isn't over."

Julie managed to turn her head enough to see the pale, dark-haired woman restraining her in a fierce grip.

The hand slid off of Julie's mouth and chillingly traced the lines of her neck.

"Who..." Julie asked, as the vampire—she knew it had to be a vampire—smiled like a snake.

"You are a pretty one; I can see why he tries. I was pretty once. Do you think I'm pretty?"

"Y..yes?" Julie managed to say.

"You're sweet," she murmured, smelling Julie's neck. "So very sweet..."

Julie struggled to break free. She knew that look—like she was the main course instead of just a sample plate. But the crushing grip tightened.

"Now dearie, I'm not going to hurt you. I just want to give you a present. You like presents don't you? Miss Edith wants presents for everyone."

Continued in Road Tripp'n Part Nine

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