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I'm no longer updating this page or considering new challenge responses. Please go to the forum to post new challenges.

However, you may view the archive of old challenges and responses here.

About the challenges: There's no specific redemptionist requirement (although it would be nice), but they should explore Spike's character and should not be anti-redemptionist.

Challenge #1
Set anytime during season seven: Spike is back from Africa with the soul that he fought for and won. Make him lose the soul, however you choose: noble sacrifice, random quirk of fate, trick, whatever. Soulless Spike is back. What happens now? How will this effect his relationships with the Scoobies and with Buffy? The fic should be pro-soulless redemption, although it doesn't necessarily have to have a happy ending. Any ship you choose, any length, any rating.

Challenge #2
Write a crossover between Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel: the Series. This should take place during mid or late season seven. Use the crossover to examine the relationships between Buffy, Spike, and Angel. Examine the differences between Spike and Angel -- their motivations and desires, their reasons for getting souls and their methods of dealing with their souls. Any ship, any rating, any length -- but try to examine all the characters fairly, without bashing.

Challenge #3
Spike and Xander living together should have been either a comic or a slash goldmine. Write a fic that expands on or examines closely the time that they spent living together. Slash optional; humor optional; any ship, any rating, any length.
  • Keeper by Fit of Pique
    During Sleeper, Rated R, Spike/Xander, 2783 words.
Challenge #4
In the Angel episode "Awakening," we see Angel's idea of a perfect day. This gives us insight into his psyche: his desires, his fears, his perceptions of others, his perceptions of himself, his fears, his hopes and ideals, etc. So what would Spike's perfect day be? (Must involve at least four characters other than Buffy!)
  • One Good Day by Elsa Frohman (not an official response)
    Post-The Killer in Me, Rated PG-13, Spike/Buffy, 2393 words.

  • Losing Streak by Melissa L.
    Future AU, Rated PG, Spike/Buffy, 574 words.
Challenge #5
Send me an idea (or multiple ideas) for a challenge. I'll choose the ideas I like and post them here, with credit to the author.
  • From Green: I'd really like to see the conversation before CWDP. I loved how Holden analyzed Buffy, but what I really want to see is the Spike analysis. This probably didn't happen OS, since Spike didn't know who Buffy was talking about when she mentioned Holden Webster, but it is still an intriguing idea, and I would love to see it in a fic.

  • From Night Nymph
    Set season 5 of Angel:
    Spike shows up at Wolfram & Hart as a vampire with a soul (but with a twist, as I'll explain). The amulet was a trick by the "bosses" at Wolfram & Hart to get Angelus back by using up his soul while the Ubervamps were being killed. Instead they get vampire Spike instead. However, when Spike and Buffy held hands, part of Buffy's soul was transferred to Spike. Now Spike gets flashes of "Buffiness" every once in a while.
    I'd like to see the fic include Spike exhibiting some intersting Buffy behavior - perhaps painting his nails again, but in a "girly" color and then later being embarassed or annoyed by said behavior when the "flash"wears off.
    Annoying Angel just a little with his "Buffiness" would be a bonus.
    Eventually, Buffy would return to L.A. and hijinks and/or bonding would ensue.
    The piece of soul could eventually be returned to Buffy.

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