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9  Lani Akers posted on Oct 7, 2013
Sad, and a bit hot...
8  Olwen posted on Jan 19, 2007
More! Please, please wright some more.
7  Yolani posted on Jul 30, 2005
I think that this was a very wel written storey and i enjoyed it
6  Shadowscast posted on Jun 10, 2004
Spike's pain and anger come through beautifully. The story is like one long anguished scream.
5  Sdani posted on Jan 28, 2004
Well written, a pleasure to read. And Ditto what A R Evett said!
4  A. R. Evett posted on Jan 21, 2004
God. Sad and sweet and beautiful. Full of passion and anger. Just excellent in every way. It's writing like this that I strive for every time I work on a story. It's all over the place, and yet it just flows beautifully. Spike, here, is the rowdy punk, the lost boy, and the proud man all at once. And it's fucking awesome.
3  Jess H. posted on Jan 19, 2004 |
I particularly loved the description of the Spike/Dawn relationship. The complexity of his struggle when dealing with his inner demon and still attempting to remain faithful to his promise. Very well done.
2  mel posted on Jan 19, 2004
vivid and palpable. nicely done.
1  DittoSpikette posted on Jan 19, 2004
Excellent. Dxxoo

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