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4  Lynne C. posted on Jan 28, 2004 |
That's some sweet imagery. I could certainly hear those porch swings. And you make a very nice observation about what absence does to our memories: "The Spike in her memory is both too cruel and too kind, a devil and a saint. Her memories are stark, robbed off all texture and shading, and thatís no way to see the world. He taught her that."

A beautiful, poignant little piece of work. I look forward to reading more of what you have to offer!


~ Lynne C. ~
3  Kristen posted on Jan 28, 2004
That was nice. Short, simple, sweet.
2  Fallowdoe posted on Jan 27, 2004
I loved it. Beautiful, and a very real depiction, to me, of what mourning is. I love the distinction between remembering the mother and remembering Joyce. I love the quiet peace of the thing, and the connection between these two characters, a thing that was lost in the show, and well needed mending by hands like yours.
1  petzipellepingo posted on Jan 27, 2004
Very nice. It's a pleasant thought that somewhere in the universe both of them are missing the people that meant so much to them. I especially liked the fact that Xander supplied the information Buffy couldn't remember.

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