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11  Natalie Brownell posted on Jul 2, 2006
this was good but it was quite hard to follow a mean there was no conversations no pwer no passion and why is Spike Putting Buffy against Spike why Drussila he is so over her
10  chez posted on Apr 29, 2006
wow!!very blood lusty
9  christina posted on Apr 13, 2005
omg! loved this fic...perfect portrayal of had it down to a 't'...*that's* good writing!
8  dora posted on May 30, 2004
you've really got a pageful of Spike there - you know how to think like a vampire!
7  japanese-china posted on Feb 24, 2004
I liked it...
6  erose posted on Jan 24, 2004 |
This is a very well written short piece. I enjoyed it immensely.
5  Demeter posted on Jan 20, 2004
Well, this has quite a bit of poetry...
I especially liked how you portrayed Spike's vampire instincts responding to Buffy's bleeding wound in the beginning and his shame and urge to get her out of his system (quite literally...) at the end.
4  Kat posted on Jan 18, 2004
Stunning. Loved it.
3  harmonyfb posted on Jan 16, 2004
Said it once, but gotta say it again - this is hot as hell, Jane. So, so good.
2  edenfan posted on Jan 15, 2004
Jane - dark deep desire . . . fabulous
1  Rashaka posted on Jan 15, 2004
Dark and murky and sad and angry and creepy and very, very good.

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