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5  Lani posted on Jun 2, 2014
Amazing. Hot and heartbreaking.
4  astrid.b posted on Jul 4, 2009
Well, this was just stunningly beautiful. Your technique was poetic and raw at the same time, and the despair from both the characters was authentic and they were easy to empathize with. The story worked. Very well done.
3  chez posted on Apr 24, 2007
kind of weird but just proving thatspike is just a bloke like all the other blokes.
2  Birgit posted on Jul 6, 2004
Great fic!
1  MikkTorrent posted on Jan 22, 2004
whoa. this was so well written! i love your style, it's descriptive without being flowery and it really created a great mood for this story. i love your take on the characters too, very well done

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