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4  Mona posted on Feb 17, 2004 |
Always loving your stories, and this one was no exception. Short and quiet, it packed quite the punch. Lovely Spike voice.
3  Zyrya posted on Jan 8, 2004
I liked this a lot. Your Spike is very good - lovely blend of tenderness and prickliness.
2  Gitana posted on Jan 5, 2004
Oh, that was great...again. Your stories are always awesome. I too liked the poetry bit. And well, it makes me wish there had been more Spike/Joyce moments.. Anyway, great story. I loved that he stole 2 wallets to feel better!
1  jen posted on Jan 5, 2004
Interesting take on the Spike/Joyce relationship. I really like the bit about the way Spike thinks Joyce would respond to his poetry, that he thinks she would say the kinds of things a mother would. In light of what we know happened with Anne, it makes perfect sense that Spike would really crave that kind of unconditional motherly acceptance. Just one note about words -- the British call their cookies "biscuits," so that's what they would probably be called in an import shop. I enjoyed reading this.

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