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39  Shadowhawke posted on Jul 18, 2010
Wow. That was truly beautiful. Thank you. A short, touching piece that really moved me.
38  kathylovesspike posted on Oct 4, 2009
Absolutely perfect!!! Thank you so much for this.
37  Xandra posted on Nov 10, 2006
So beautiful!!!
36  Kevin posted on Feb 14, 2005
Just came across it and wanted you to know that even after the end there are still those of us who think about her (and the rest). You did something wonderful here. Something to be proud of. Please don't take it down.
35  Ms Trick posted on Nov 10, 2004
this is one of my absolute favourite fics of all time. every time i read it i get teary.

34  Andemaiar posted on Aug 7, 2004 |
Omg, Tissa! This is so beautiful and touching. I'm so weak that I'm crying as I write this! And obviously I'm not the only person you made cry with this, lol. It's so lovely that Buffy thought of Spike after he was gone, as though she really did love him. :)
33  Ikepear posted on Jul 22, 2004
A very good story. Moving, well-written & smart. As Lynn C aptly observes, we all thought about the loss Buffy & the others would feel with their homes & possessions gone, but your idea of how to dramatize that loss through Buffy's method of dealing with it is original, smart & well chosen.
32  Gisme posted on Jun 3, 2004
wow. this was really beautiful. i loved this. fantastic write!
31  Andrea posted on May 27, 2004
I cried when Willow did (oh, I miss Tara!) and cried again at the end when smiles (not just smirks). It's such a true observation. We haven't really seen Spike smile, have we? At least, not openly, a full and sincere smile, unafraid.
30  sstktmh posted on Apr 17, 2004
I very rarely cry when I'm reading a fic, but this was just perfect. It's not too long, not too over the top (as PJzallday said), and I'm writing this with tear tracks down my face. Thank-you for writing a fic that really makes me feel for the characters.
29  Mary, laughing now posted on Mar 6, 2004
Didn't realise my 'here is good' would come up as an actual address. Of course, it isn't. :-)
28  Mary posted on Mar 6, 2004 | here is good :-)
Beautiful piece. Such a simple story, and told with such amazing emotion. It didn't make me shed a tear. It made me cry. Hard. Thank you so much for creating this, and sharing it with us.

27  Shelli posted on Feb 23, 2004
Absolutely beautiful....Made me cry.
26  PJzallday posted on Feb 20, 2004 |
You've done justice to Buffy's memory of Spike without going all schmaltzy or "over the top". Beautifully understated... Privately sentimental... Lovely.
25  bailunrui posted on Jan 24, 2004
That was so beautiful. Thank you so much!
24  Zyrya posted on Jan 16, 2004
*sob* Lovely details here, and very poignant. This is what Chosen desperately lacked - Xander and Buffy (and all of them, really) mourning their dead.

23  Julie posted on Jan 12, 2004
Beautiful story, Tissa. Brought tears to my eyes, especially Buffy's wallet picture of Spike. Very well done!
22  reese posted on Jan 12, 2004
Absolutely gorgeous and touching. I'm all teary-eyed. I love how you found a way for Buffy to move on with her life... without moving away from the ones she loves.
21  sheshere posted on Jan 11, 2004
absolutely beautiful... i cried
20  Opulence posted on Jan 10, 2004
Stunningly beautiful. It could really be the start of a longer tale. *hint hint*
19  Kristen posted on Jan 10, 2004
Very beautiful. You made me shed a tear. I hope Buffy is doing something to remember his love for her and hers for him. Thank you.
18  Devil Piglet posted on Jan 9, 2004 |
Bittersweet and and lovely. Buffy's personal journey was as poignant as her love for Spike. Thanks for sharing.
17  Flurblewig posted on Jan 9, 2004 |
This is absolutely beautiful. I adore the idea of Buffy putting so much time and energy into a tribute to Spike. Gorgeous.
16  Mona posted on Jan 8, 2004 | livejournal
Oh, I adore this-- it's rare to find such a slow and sad yet utterly spellbinding story. Beautifully done, Tissa. Thanks for writing this; and just as the others have already said, I'd love to see more of you.
15  gazebo posted on Jan 8, 2004
This is beautiful and extremely moving. The only thing I found confusing was that there were pictures of Spike. Isn't Spike suppose to be unphotographical if he is a vampire? Oh, well, this is AU after all. This is a great little story I'll be reading over and over again.
14  SDWolfpup posted on Jan 8, 2004
Absolutely lovely story. So bittersweet, with a wonderful ending. And the first line grabbed me right away; a wallet - that's just so right.
13  Sam posted on Jan 8, 2004
Excellent first effort. Moving on many levels. One could totally relate to the emotions and fear (of forgetting) of Buffy.

Keep up your writing efforts.
12  nipone posted on Jan 8, 2004
will there be a sequel? But it is already very beautiful.
11  petzipellepingo posted on Jan 8, 2004
"sniff" that was so sweet and sad. I'm glad Xander smiled at Anya's picture and Willow cried at Tara's also.
10  rashaka posted on Jan 7, 2004 |
I adore this. I'm reccing it in my Livejournal. It's beautiful. I've read several fics where Buffy gets art as a talent, but it just seems to pop out of nowhere. You've given a nice development, so we could watch as she changes, and grows, and remembers. The last part is sad but beautiful.

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