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9  Samantha posted on Feb 7, 2006
This was aboslutly golden.
Clever title, it made me want to read it :D
Brilliant, just brilliant.
You acomplished so much in only 300plus words.
Hehe, ahh, I loved it=]
Great Work!!
8  RogueSpike posted on Feb 12, 2004 |
LOL! That was funny. I liked it.
7  thisveryinstant posted on Jan 26, 2004
Oh, this is charming! I loved the little details--the blood-encrusted mugs left under the sofa for days, the pain in Giles' fillings. This isn't a pairing I've ever had any interest in, but I think I'm starting to see the appeal.
6  Zyrya posted on Jan 24, 2004
I just can't see Giles putting up a plastic Santa.
5  Angelsou posted on Jan 23, 2004
aww1 Always been a fan of the friendship, and enjoy the ship as well. BTW - Niven is one of my favorite authors, was cool as hell to see your name =)
4  Christine posted on Jan 22, 2004
Very neat. Poor old Giles (of perhaps lucky Giles)
3  SunnyD_lite posted on Jan 22, 2004
great giggle!
2  Estepheia posted on Jan 22, 2004
Oh, that was fun. Unexpected too. Thanks for sharing.
1  DittoSpikette posted on Jan 22, 2004
He took it down. WHY!? He should have left it up and then we could have read the damned sequel *sigh* Excellent fic, more please. Any chance of any Spike and Xander? *looks hopeful* Luv Dxxoo

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