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9  Jessi posted on Sep 24, 2005
I love this...beautiful and haunting; I will agree with Nan though that I want to know if Spike is with Buffy or Dawn... :)
8  Gamiila posted on Mar 11, 2005
Very atmospheric and evocative. Perfect.
7  aerialla posted on Jul 25, 2004
I love this story. It would work really well as a long fiction. Hint Hint.
6  spikeswench posted on Jan 6, 2004
I loved the combination of hope and bleak reality in this fic...
5  Kookie posted on Jan 6, 2004 |
Oh wow! That was so good. Written well, and it was all happy with kind of a haunting wintery lonely twist to it, but it seemed like everything was all good until the last sentence. That was so good!
4  Nan posted on Jan 6, 2004 |
I give up. I meant "who Spike had in his charge." I cannot type today. And I'll stop now before I commit still another irrevocable typo!
3  Nan posted on Jan 6, 2004 |
Correction: In the comment below, I *meant* to say that I'd have enjoyed this present tale *more.* It certainly is enjoyable in a despairing sort of way. It was just that I found the lack of identification of who Spike had in his change a bit distracting.
2  Nan posted on Jan 6, 2004 |
I enjoy and respect your writing enormously. However, I think I would have enjoyed this brief present tale had I been able to determine for sure whether it was Buffy or Dawn with Spike in it. I didn't seem able to find conclusive evidence the one way or the other. Perhaps it's immaterial for the story's purposes, but wondering about it distracted me from the mood of the tale.
1  DittoSpikette posted on Jan 6, 2004
Excellent. Dxxoo

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