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13  Michèle posted on Oct 25, 2007
very good. a *real* ending at best, angst just even so, very well written for both of them, for the realistic theme.
it's on my favs now.
12  Stephanie posted on May 2, 2004
i usally read a Spuffy reuion and think WOW! but this this just made me go ok and wheres the Spuffy? it was such a 'Let Down' Come on plz plz do a postive one nxt time
11  kate posted on Apr 6, 2004
really well written, and really sad. the central idea of the piece seems to be that you can't go back after a chance has been well and truly missed, and i find that incredibly true to the series and the characters, and not just the final episode of Buffy. I totally agree with the comments below about the way the Spike / Buffy storyline was handled, but i can't just relegate it to the line in Chosen - 'No you don't'. At that point i thought the line was true - it was the build up that made it true that made me angry. Sorry if this sounds off-topic in a story review - my point was that of fic that responds to what happened on screen, this really made sense to me, and really moved me. Thanks!
10  me posted on Mar 2, 2004
it was wonderful and sad at the same time you write wonderfully
9  Emmy posted on Jan 29, 2004
That was so sad. Beautifully written. YOu did an amazing job.
8  excommunard posted on Jan 9, 2004
I mostly agree with Ruth's review. Well-written story, achingly sad and, yes, a horrible let-down. All the stuff about JW, I agree with that too. The ending of Buffy was fine in a way, except for that "No you don't" - as Ruth says, that was in order to let them free Spike so he could be used to boost AtS ratings. I'm glad for JM that that meant he could continue in a role he obviously relishes, especially as, as far asI'm aware, he's the only one of the ME actors to publicly acknowledge that he's unlikely to get such an interesting and well-written part elsewhere (can't the others tell the difference between gold and crap?). But apart from that, the brilliant Buffy/Spike storyline has been sold down the river for the sake of an extra 1 or 2 seasons of AtS. I think that this will pose a problem for JW, apart from the muse stuff that Ruth mentions. I bet that the Ats ratings have gone up because of all the extra Buffy/Spike fans who are now watching it - Buffy/Angel fans don't seem that keen on Spikes's arrival. Spuffy fans want some kind of decent Spuffy resolution, even if it's too much to hope for happy ever after. As SMG isn't scheduled to appear, JW's not going to be able to deliver what Spuffy fans, although he'll probably drag out the tension for as long as he can. But at some point, ratings may well drop and he'll be foreced into an ending that leaves a bad taste in the mouths of many loyal fans. But the story - good, but can't bear to read it again.....
7  Zyrya posted on Jan 8, 2004
This is exactly how I see the Spuffy story ending.
6  SirenKt posted on Jan 6, 2004
that moved me despite being so short...i kind of want more of it...see if buffy can make the missing piece fit
5  Emmy posted on Jan 6, 2004
Aww. That was sad, but beautifully written. I loved the puzzle metaphor. It's a great story, even if it did depress me a little. Awesome job!
4  ruth posted on Jan 6, 2004
well written--but I just don't BELIEVE it. Not necessarily your story, but the company (ME) line about this disslution. The long years of growth toward each other--all the separate bends and dips in submitting to change; (Spike). Submitting to humility; (Buffy). All this effort stacks up to building a fortune in each other. No one is gonna come down and give you your 'destined one true luv.' That line will just keep you on the shelf all your life. The real miracle is in the willing. That end of 'Chosen' just didn't FEEL right. You could feel the rip of 'No! in the cosmos and beyond. The heart of the story was subverted for a capitilistic end--to pay off the 'Angel' series and let Spike be 'free' so they can cash in on him in the future. But Joss best beware of mis-using the muse. One may begin a story, but when it has taken on a life of it's--it'll always tell you (the writer)where it should go. If Joss put his ego over the life breath of this very communial collaboration--it will show up in his later work as being diminished and smaller. Misuse the muse and you lose. This is a fine story and unless you're a B/A--I'll bet you anyting you really WANTED to write somehting else--or it's like the stockholm sydrome--if you can't beat em join 'em. Well, we don't need to join 'em. Buffy & Spike are still alive and in amazing fanfic still being written--and if it serves a larger purpose in your life. I.e. creative visualization for a long hoped for realtionship, then keep it--of not, then don't. Hey, we all know we don't love Spike because he's evil--it's because he choose to change. What better ideal ever? Don't let 'the man' take it away from you my fellow spuffy lovers. Don't let a company line tell you how to be.
And. hey I did mention this was well written right? That's probably what got me going. And of course every story is an exercise and one should play at all the angles, what you're reading now is just what your story inspired me to say.
keep it up. Exercise is good.

3  PixenVixen posted on Jan 5, 2004
"Sad, but true," sighs an old-time spuffy fan.
2  Kookie posted on Jan 5, 2004 |
I am sad now! It was written so well but its sad! Good job.
1  natsing posted on Jan 5, 2004
Oh my god! I want to cry, and I'm at work!!
Beautifully written and so heartachingly sad. I would like to think Spike and Buffy could get back together but it won't ever be, and your story ties it up neatly. Really liked this piece

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