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6  kas posted on Jun 14, 2012
your a great writer, you really captured the characters voices. this was exactly what i was looking for in a angel/spike fic. Although, I admit, I was disappointed that it cut off before they had sex.
5  Greenstone posted on Jan 10, 2004
Well Done. It was funny and the way that Destiny should have ended...and I'm so going to be picturing them flipping a coin at the end everytime I watch the end of it now.
4  BelleImani posted on Jan 7, 2004 |\library
Wonderful, perfect voices, and sensual.
3  Overnostalgic posted on Jan 3, 2004
That was Gr8!!!!!!!!
PLease have a continuation to this
2  DittoSpikette posted on Jan 3, 2004
More than excellent. Dxxoo
1  Estepheia posted on Jan 3, 2004
Oh whee! They should definitely film that! *picks up mind from the gutter*
Seriously, the voices are perfect. I love your work!

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