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5  GInny posted on Nov 14, 2007 |
He's evil. And so was I. That kind of thing is practically a Valentine.

Love this line! So good. Loved everything about this.
4  Andrea posted on May 28, 2004
I can't really quite picture canon Spike and Angel(us) being sexually attracted to each other (if souless Angelus and souless Spike ever had sex I would picture it more as a way for Angelus to assert domination over Spike than anything else ... ensouled Angel and ensouled Spike, I can't really picture). I have read a very few fan fic pieces that almost managed to persuade me that a Spike/Angel pairing could be possible, at least in the fan fic universe.

On one hand, to be honest, I'm not sure if your piece is one of them. On the other hand, if they did spend nights in bed together (or days, whatever), I can certainly picture Spike whispering "love you" into Angel's body over and over. And Angel remaining utterly clueless about it. How sad.
3  Overnostalgic posted on Jan 23, 2004
I loved both stories, but the characters in this one hold more true to that of Spike and Angel. Great!!!!
2  Natsing posted on Jan 23, 2004
wow, two powerful and cleverly written pieces, I totally felt for both charatcers- really emotive writing- well done
1  DittoSpikette posted on Jan 23, 2004
Excellent again. Dxxoo

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