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4  Andrea posted on Jan 1, 2004
Yep, bittersweet is the word. I like it (though I wish Spike had said something!)
3  Ondine posted on Dec 29, 2003
I suspect the word "bittersweet" will get tossed around a goodly amount when describing your story, but it is so, so, so very appropriate. Wonderful balance of happy and sad, revealed and withheld. Well done.
2  gazebo posted on Dec 24, 2003
Oh, this is so bittersweet! Spike, you fool, tell her you're back!

Nice, short, angst filled fic. Very nicely done!
1  petzipellepingo posted on Dec 23, 2003
Aw..that was sweet. Buffy didn't seem too happy about life in general, did she?

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