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5  Lani Akers posted on Sep 24, 2013
Damn hot, needs more!
4  June posted on Feb 19, 2004
You know how to write a wonderful story: suspense, tension, high-eroticism, nothing vile but everything right, every image evoking what I think you want to convey. One note though: the last line Giles says to Spike, it doesn't sound convincing although it's true, Giles wants Spike to want him. Somehow it sounds too easy for Giles to say at that moment. Or maybe that's just my interpretation. However, it's just a note, don't forget, You Write Beautifully & You're Great!!!!
3  RogueSpike posted on Feb 12, 2004 |
Whoa! I've never been a Spike/Giles fan but I've started reading them recently. I really like yours. Is there a sequel?
2  Katherine posted on Jan 13, 2004
That was so hot! Spike/Giles has quickly become one of my favorite guilty pleasures.
1  Estepheia posted on Jan 13, 2004
That was... neat.

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