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16  Andrea posted on May 30, 2004
I'm another one who is really disappointed in ME for not doing better with the Dawn/Spike friendship in Seasons 6 and 7. Reading fan fic pieces like yours helps.

Liked how she knew Spike was back.
15  Lynne C. posted on Mar 29, 2004 |
Oh, this is just nice. Spike/Dawn resolution...definately something I missed toward the end of season 7. I mean, I believe that they were okay with each other, but we got to see Spike and Buffy reach that place with each other; I'd have liked to see it for Spike and Dawn. Because their bond That Summer...deepdeepdeepDEEP! That doesn't just end, even with all the crap in between.

I love that your clincher is him knowing when he came back.

Overall, very tactile images you create. Nice work ~ I'll be looking up your other stories!!

14  Lilith posted on Mar 22, 2004
Oooooh, sweet. I could have been happy with a nicer, less "get out, get out, get out!!!" Dawn on the show. Probably your Dawn. Very very nice. Thank you.
13  Nikki posted on Mar 21, 2004
Why did this end?? Why!? Hehe, no really, what a terrific fic! Dawn is my favorite fic character and yours is a gem.

Missing Spike/Dawn frienship on the show makes fics like this priceless. But really, it would've been anyway. Wonderful!
12  katie posted on Mar 21, 2004
I just loved this little ficlit. it gives the closure that joss never gave to us between the friendship of dawn and spike, which was so special. is it too much to hope for another chapter or sequel?
11  rosy_jean posted on Mar 19, 2004 |
great story! i've always wished that the dawn/spike relationship have been explored and expounded upon more in the tv series, but i guess i'll have to settle on an excelllent piece of writing instead! keep it up! :)
10  petzipellepingo posted on Mar 19, 2004
What a lovely thought that Dawn would feel the exact moment when Spike became corporeal. I've never forgive ME for dropping the Spike/Dawn friendship and would have given anything for the scene in the hallway. The idea of Dawn smoking because it reminded her of Spike while a bad thing is still a sweet image. Thank you.
9  gwendolenau posted on Mar 19, 2004
Really well done, very poignant. Your Dawn is contemplative and more mature, as one would expect after what she's been through, yet she is still recognisably Dawn.
8  Radia posted on Mar 18, 2004 |
Wonderful job. I love the Spike-Dawn friendship, and was really disappointed when it was torn apart and never reconciled. I'd love to see this continued, but even if it's a stand alone, I'd still really enjoyed it. On a side note, I was greatly amused by Dawn's reasoning on the entire heels vs runners schicht. Being a comfy sneakers gal myself, I never understood how the Scooby girls could choose to battle the forces of evil in such impractical shoes. :) Anyway, beautiful work--I'll keep an eye for more stuff from you in the future.
7  mazza posted on Mar 18, 2004
This was good. I always felt that the Dawn and Spike situation needed resolving. Well done!
6  Jess Marie posted on Mar 17, 2004
Awww. Just... awwww.
5  Stacy posted on Mar 17, 2004
This was just so good, I had to go to your site to read your other stuff. I see that you don't usually write multi-chaptered fic, but I would love to see this story continue. Your Dawn is perfect, not too perfect but not a brat.
4  The Final Girl posted on Mar 17, 2004
I loved this. I haven't read a lot of fanfiction with Dawn as the focal point, and this makes me want to read more. I've always loved Spike & Dawn, and this makes me wish the writers had shown more of them on the show. I also loved that Dawn knew when Spike was alive.
3  SunnyD_Lite posted on Mar 17, 2004
Loved this. Dawn wearing the stiletto vrs the runners! Dawn, knowing when Spike returned. Andrew being Andrew, kind and socially clumsey. What happens next?
2  Kimbo posted on Mar 17, 2004
Wow! *wipes eyes* that was the sweetest thing ever. so realistic. i loved it :)
1  Vocca posted on Mar 17, 2004
I still have tears in my eyes. The Spike/Dawn friendship... the thing I hate Marti so much for taking away from us. Thank you, thank you.

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