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5  stretfordditto posted on Jan 26, 2007 | stretfordditto on eljay
Totally excellent. Hot. :p
4  palindromeda posted on Sep 18, 2005 I just spent a ridiculous amount of time looking for someoone to write that...and here you already had!!! Thank-you thank-you thank-you
3  RogueSpike posted on Feb 12, 2004 |
oooh, that was great! I've never seen a fic with Spike and Ripper and Ethan. Very cool. Is there more?
2  be posted on Dec 31, 2003
great story, very hot, very fun. And just maybe possibly fitting canon... well, a fun version of canon...
1  ZoniDuck posted on Dec 30, 2003
Great story! Very hot, and interesting idea of what Ripper and Ethan might have gotten up to back in the day. I enjoyed it very much.

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