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7  astridb posted on May 3, 2009
This was oddly amazing! Really, absolutely beautiful. Loved it!
6  jjj posted on Dec 20, 2007 | lll
thought i should be disturbed by it
instead, turned on....
wtf mate!
5  CaffeinatedIniquity posted on Jul 20, 2006
Simply delicious. I always thought the best thing about vampire smut was the potential bloodplay. Having this be canon is hilarious.
4  Skytteflickan88 posted on Jun 17, 2006
That was hot. But still sweet. I think that you made Spike a little to soft, but off course he could just have been nice so that he would get the blood. Sometimes I got confused, when the posistions changed without being described. But in the next lines I mostly could figure it out. Not that a little touch of enigma isn't nice.

Great work. I'll be checking out your other stuff.
3  Roquelaure posted on Apr 6, 2005
This was truly a unique and enjoyable fic. I couldn't get enough! I would love to read more! I found it interesting the way you used the 'monthlies', I never thought of that before! Great job!
2  puepschen posted on Sep 7, 2004
fucking hell! well done. you write very well indeed and your mind is nicely overboard. not bad at all. i'm off to read more. good boy! girl? no matter!
regards, puepschen
1  Asta posted on May 25, 2004 |
yay! i always wanted to see Spike/Willow fic!
great job! >:)

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