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6  BelleImani posted on Jan 7, 2004 |
This is a grouping I've never read and now I'm banging my head against my computer for being an idiot. Awesome.
5  spikeswench posted on Dec 29, 2003
yummy.... hot, and yummy
4  Sofia posted on Dec 22, 2003
Man, I had read it before and it looks even better second time around - totally in character and hot to boost. And I too am grinning at this: "() she could always fly back to Los Angeles and let Angel know she has not one, but both of his darling boys. He'd resupply her mark in a heartbeat. And it would be worth it to see the look on his face, she thinks with a grin." Oh yes! It would be worth it! *G*
I'll add my plea to those of the former reviewers Id *love* to see more of this.
3  Estepheia posted on Dec 18, 2003
I'd love to read plotty stories set in this lovely universe. *sigh*
2  SunnyD posted on Dec 18, 2003
Well done - completely within character, and I agree with HurrySundown- I miss Lilah :( but this fic helps!
1  HurrySundown posted on Dec 18, 2003
Wow, what a great way to start my morning. I like reading a fic where you think to yourself, Yeah, this could happen - they'd never show it on the WB, but it could happen. And how nice to see Lilah again - I miss her so. Might you eventually write about what happened between Spike and Angel? *bats eyelashes in pretty-please fashion*

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