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6  FriendlyFangirl88 posted on Jan 31, 2011
I *really* need to reconcile myself to the existence of one-shots. Because, completely serious, my first reaction to the word "End" in this fic was to say, out loud, to myself, alone in my room...
"No! No, that can't be it, there has to be more to this story!"

Because I am suddenly very in love with this concept. Your style made this one-shot feel like a prologue and I want the book.

Instead, I'll have to settle for tucking this fic into a special place in the back of my head and keeping it forever. Thanks so much.
5  saurii82 posted on Jan 7, 2004
Great story! Iīm becoming an Jonathan fan and I really like how you potraid both him and Spike who is also one of my fav characters. Is there going to be a sequel, cuz I would really like to know what happens next! There arenīt that many Spike/Jonathan fic out there, if any at all...
4  hesadevil posted on Dec 20, 2003
Loved this so much. So many lovely little touches; the 'shout' to Pratchett (hail fellow discworld fan);Johnathan noticing Spike's small stature (and Spike missing Johnathan's by likening him to Harvey);the nod to Spike's respect for Tara. Both voices extremely well done, especially Johnathan's total lack of confidence. (Like the idea of him as the Shanshoe puppy. ME take note!)

Thank you.
3  petzipellepingo posted on Dec 18, 2003
Aw, Jonathan gets to help out. Glad somebody remembered the poor kid. LOL at the post shower scene, poor Jonathan.
2  Dylane posted on Dec 17, 2003
Glory, what a grand fic. Jonathan was my favorite non-scooby, and I think this is the first story I've seen about him. But beyond that, it's written so well -- you get the character, and the pop references down so well, and the plot is feasible to the point where I hope some Angel writers read it and thoroughly yoink your idea. (Hopefully giving credit where due, etc.) Well done, and I look forward to lots more stories from such a talented author.
1  Rashaka posted on Dec 17, 2003
heh. Everyone gets a crush on Spike, sooner or later.

"Harvey? Jonathan thought sleepily. Did that make Spike John Crichton? That would explain the chip in his head."

::giggle:: Of course Jonathon misses out on the real movie reference and goes straight to the secondary thing that used it as a reference. Apt, though, with the chip thing and the madness.

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